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Habits Which Will Slow Down Your Metabolism

All cells in your body plays a part in metabolising the food we eat into energy required for various involuntary and voluntary functions of your body like pumping of the heart and lungs, heart beating, blinking of the eye or movement of the muscles. Thus, the more rapid your metabolism will be the more calories you will burn. You can speed up your metabolism either by working out or by following certain habits which can boost up your natural calorie burning engine.

  • To stick with your eating timing: Keeping your eating schedule same each day will convoy the body to burn greater calories between meals.
  • Be organic: Chemicals present in Pesticides like Organochlorines interfere with your body’s metabolism process and thus makes it difficult to lose weight.
  • Not enough sleep: People who sleep less will burn fewer calories.
  • Stock up your iron stores: For women, during your periods iron is lost every month. Low levels of iron will slow down your metabolism due to the lack of supply of oxygen to the muscles. Eat lots iron rich foods like broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables etc.
  • Sitting Too Long: Sitting or lying in any fixed position for more than 20 minutes will inhibit your metabolism.
  • Skipping meals: skipping meals to cut down on your calories will switch your body into starvation mode thus slowing down your metabolism to preserve energy to be used later on.
  • Lack of calcium: Calcium plays an important role in fat metabolism. Calcium rich diet helps to burn more fat. Therefore lots of calcium rich foods like low fat milk and milk products etc.
  • Dehydration: All body processes require water for their functioning. If you are not well hydrated than your metabolism will be sluggish and will burn up to 2 percent fewer c Therefore keep yourself well hydrated by drinking enough fluids in the form of lime water, coconut water or pudhina water.
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