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IntroductionMy Fit Fuel™ is a customer oriented, innovative and transparent sports nutrition brand. We created this brand with an experience and passion for sports nutrition and fitness. MFF™ vision started from a point where we wanted every customer to be knowledgeable about Quality, Innovation, and Ingredients of their sports nutrition product. In short, helping you buy products more confidently with complete knowledge.

We are totally committed in understanding the customer requirements and bringing the best ingredients and supplements from all around the world. So, that’s what resulted in origin of our Mantras- QUALITY I INNOVATION I PERSONALISED I KNOWLEDGE. Find out in detail about each mantra which explains how important you are to us and what makes us different when it comes to your fitness nutrition.

We believe before you buy any products “it’s your right to know about those products”. MFF™ will always be here only for you, and as always we will love to take your feedback about your experience from our products. Stay fit, stay strong and live healthy, we are here to “Fuel your Passion”


Our Promise“We also value your hard earned cash” so we reduce our extra costs to minimum, but we never compromise on the quality. This helps us to bring the unbeatable price value for products from amino acids to different proteins powder.To keep our promise we are more than happy for our products to be independently tested for protein content, pureness, taste or anything else. That’s the reason we also have a policy on our website to disclose “Certificate of analysis” for our nutrition products.
“We will always be transparent and will never use any inferior substances to reduce the quality of our products, nor will our strict supply rules help anyone else in doing such thing. And we also promise we will always motivate you to eat less junk food”.


“Here is what we do” Strict Quality Control- (with written Strict Quality Control picture Back ground on the side) We always believe it’s not enough just to say we provide best final quality products to our customers but there is a lot more which should be done to bring this assurance.

  • Raw materials are only bought from suppliers who can meet our strict audit and quality test checklist.
  • Every time, we test our raw materials and verify “certificate of analysis” to check the quality, purity and to maintain the consistency on every batch produced.
  • Our quality assurance department also follows strict procedures on manufacturing of our products; every production goes through state of control as defined by different regulation authorities which is verified by a series of audits by external accreditation schemes and certifications.
  • Finally we use independent International Laboratories to test and get “Certificate of Analysis” of our products to bring best and consistent quality for our customers.

No thickeners of fillers

We never use thickeners or fillers in any of our products to bulk out the products with cheap ingredients that do nothing to help you achieve your goals. Many brands what they tell you on the front of packaging isn’t always same as they have to legally disclose on back side on “ingredients list” of the packaging. Every time you pick up a supplement always look at the back to check nutritionals, the ingredients and the protein breakdown. And we always recommend you to same with our products to know the complete information. It’s you hard earned cash and its MFF™ responsibility to disclose complete information about our products.


But whether this is in our Head Quarter or our independent testing labs, everything we do we start by asking our self a question “How will this research help you in taking your fitness to another level or how will it raise the bar in terms of quality”.

Innovation is based in the deep heart of My Fit Fuel™. We constantly keep experimenting with new formulas and new ingredients not just to bring the PERSONALISED fuel but rather to also take personalized fuel to another level by understanding new research studies and looking ahead of future.


We work hard on understanding, analyzing and responding quickly on your requirements, this how we end up new products as per your requirements rather making a new product which tailors your requirements.
“There is never one product or solution made for everyone in today’s world”, everybody have different requirements which may be in the form of budget or targeted final achievements.


KNOWLEDGENearly every sports nutrition brand talks about protein content, but that’s half the knowledge. Here we ask two more questions, Do they completely disclose what are different protein used and how much of each?

For My Fit Fuel™ it’s not about making bold claims or bringing several great sounding proteins in the formulas and end of the day not disclosing how much of each is being used. We work with complete transparency and this is not what we do due to any obligations but this is the way we love to do things. And we believe as a customer you should have complete transparent information to make an informed decision on the quality of our products. We have divided our “KNOWLEDGE MANTRA” into 2 sections

A). Different Protein Source

We will provide you the complete “Different Protein Source” knowledge chart of our protein product. Many brands avoid giving complete knowledge on which protein and in what quantity is being used to manufacture a particular protein blend formula. But for every MFF™ protein product we bring a chart of “Different Protein Source” which explains what protein is being used in what percentage for a particular product. We think this is very important for you to know, so that you can be 100% knowledgeable on what value you are getting for you money. Example of explanation + An image an “Protein Source Chart”

Whey protein Isolate [WPI] is expensive than whey protein concentrate, where are soya protein is cheaper than whey protein concentrate [WPC]. So if for instance you protein has significant amount of soya protein then it not only cheaper but also has lower Biological Value (BV) so the product will be cheaper than a pure whey protein product. Same way some companies makes a blend of Whey Protein Isolate [WPI] and Whey Protein concentrate [WPC] but never disclose what percentage in volume both are being used because even including 3% of WPI will help them in write Whey protein Isolate on their label but this manipulates the customers. As including the name WPI attracts them towards products but not enough to have any benefits. But question comes, how do you as a customer come to know about how much of each protein is being used? Well the simple answer is until it is stated by company on their label or website, you don’t know. At MFF™, we take this responsibility to disclose the complete protein types and its amount used on our labels and on our websites so that there is 100% transparency and you have complete knowledge on what you are buying.


  Product A Product B MFF™ Product
Product Described as... Protein Blend (100gm) Protein Blend (100gm) MFF ™ Release (100gms)
Total Protein Content 75% (75gm) 75% (75gm) 77% (77gm)
Proteins on Label (of every 100gm) Milk Protein Concentrate Milk Protein Concentrate Milk Protein Concentrate (32.0%)
Whey Protein Concentrate Soy Protein Isolate Whey Protein Concentrate (25.0%)
Soy Protein Isolate Whey Protein Concentrate Whey Protein Isolate (18.0%)
Whey Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate Calcium Caseinate (15.1%)
  Egg White Protein Egg White Protein (4.0 %)

Example From a table above of 3 different multi proteins blend, Products A has a blend of 4 different proteins along with good percentage of protein content and claims to have higher amount of Whey protein Isolate. However, Whey Protein Isolate may literally be just 1% which is enough to get its name on label for attraction and advertisement but not enough for any real benefits.

Product B also has good percentage of protein content in multi protein blend but has soya protein higher the list of WPC, WPI and Egg white protein. Legally as per Food safety standard authority of India (FSSAI), ingredient list sequence on label should be in descending order of their composition by weight or volume. So product B might contain 40% of soya protein and you will never know.

Product MFF ™ Release on the other hand, will contain carefully selected proteins to ensure particular time release nutrients which helps in both anabolic and anti-catabolic activity with different proteins and amino acids. Not only this here you can clearly identified which protein type is used and in what quantity providing 100% transparency and your peace of mind.


B). Better understanding and providing knowledge on your goals

Our vision is not just to sell well tested and good formulated products but our vision is also to improve you fitness through better understanding of your goals. What we think is for some people fitness, sports and games is part of healthy living and lifestyle but for some its passion which they love without any doubt. “Sometimes Passion in sports or fitness is not where you always earn money from but many people earn money to live their sports or fitness passion”. Whichever is the case, selected end result is healthy fitness and “motivation only withstands for longer if your goals are your passion rather not an obligations”. So we take this responsibility to work hard to understand your goals and fitness passions so that we can make you fit as per your needs, your requirements and your motivations.


Transparency Other than quality, transparency of our products is another foremost priority , which we always work hard on. We believe in providing innovative and qualitative products and we value basic regulations that “Every customer have right to know about complete information of the product they buy”.

A. Certificate of Analysis

Along with our nutrition products we publish the “Certificate of Analysis” to demonstrate the quality of that product. Each certificate helps in providing the complete information by breaking down the component elements of the products to show the details analysis which will help to provide you the reassurance before buying the products. We get our products tested from Independent registered forensic laboratories and keep them updated to assure that the quality is always maintained.

B. Protein Report

As also mentioned in our Knowledge section, Protein sources is the question which way always kept in dark without providing the complete information. Here at MFF™ we are completely transparent and we disclose what percentage of different protein has been used in the product. We have no reason to hide because our goal is to help you improve your fitness so disclosing the complete information will help you to understand the value of the products you buy against the price you pay for.

C. One controlled - Supply channel

inseight It is our strict policy that our products will only be supplied through controlled channel of supply i.e directly from our company warehouse or particular selected vender’s warehouse to your ordered delivery destination and there will be no other intermediate handling our products. This helps us to keep the transparency on maintaining the consistency in quality without giving any chance of adulterations of cheap substances. This also helps us to reduce overall back end costs which helps us in reducing our final prices, making you buy the final product in higher quality at lower price.

From whichever place you may order our products you will always find there will always be the same quality and results helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

My Fit Child

My Fit Child My Fit Child is our company cause which is totally dedicated to Fitness. In this cause we decided to help start improving the fitness in society from beginning when a baby is about to born.

Our brand “My Fit Fuel™” goal is to bring out purified and researched sports nutrition to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Fitness of a child starts before a child is born. Mother requires high iron, zinc and other vitamin and mineral nutrition during the final months of delivery. Not fulfilling this nutrition is one of the main causes of child born unhealthy or suffering from different diseases or deficiencies like anaemia.

Also if baby is under nutrition especially during one of the most critical age of growth (0-3 years) then it affects their mental and physical development and overall performance in future. Proper nutrition from beginning in any child makes them reach their potentials and win their sports/fitness goals and advance the progress of nations in the form of different sports, games, athletics medals.

How we implement our Cause?

"We donate one month multivitamin micro nutrient nutrition on our every 30 nutrition products sold". We donate this nutrition to poor pregnant mother or child who cannot afford necessary nutrition to achieve their fitness potentials in future”.

You can be truly proud that every nutrition product you buy, your contribution is part of this donation.

Read our complete My Fit Child cause

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