Now that you have settled down into your fitness routine and reaping the fruits of your hard work, it is time to take it further and concentrate on your diet – what you are eating and when you are eating it.

When building your body, having food in time plays a very important role. Not just body builders or amateur fitness enthusiasts, even normal people would wonder what to have before a work-out? Some would tell you it is better to start with empty stomach some would say it is best to eat  some hours before – in one word , it is quite confusing.

Starting with empty stomach is good when going for yoga sessions early in the morning, but for those are who burning calories and working up a sweat to flaunt those six packs, it is essential to learn about the best food to have before and after a work-out.

Pre-workout carbs taken at the right time in right amount can give a boost to your performance and help in your bodybulding efforts. So we will run you through the best pre-workout carbs today.

Why Do We Need To Eat Before Workout?

Today, we will discuss about the best pre-workout carbs .  Ever thought why is it necessary to have food before working out? Food is your fuel, and without fuel you can’t surely  move!

  • So yes! The first and foremost reason is to have enough energy for the body to go through an intense work-out session.
  • Storing up on energy prevents muscle catabolism. In other words it prevents the body from deriving energy from our muscles (by breaking them) when it uses up the glycogen. Which precisely means your hard earned muscles are affected.
  • Helps in muscle anabolism. This means the food before working out will further promote muscle synthesis.

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Best Pre-Workout Carbs

The best pre-workout carbs list is out now. Take a look:

1) Bananas:


This is probably the most favourite, simple, and less complicated fruit snack mother nature has given us. Even a person who has zero idea about working out can tell you, that if you need to stock up on carbs in a short time, bananas are perfect.  Did you know that bananas give you mroe energ than your hot morning cuppa?

Having it about 30 minutes before a work-out will help you store more glycogen and increase blood sugar too. It is one of the best carbs to have before workout.

2) Dextrose Monohydrate

Supplements are equally good if you are considering one before a work-out.  When stocking up on carbs, go for Dextrose Monohydrate, as it will be the best source of carbs. It is necessary to have this supplement about 2-3 hours before starting the training.  Dextrose Monohydrate from MyFitFuel contains 100% carb made from corn starch. This form of carb gets absorbed quickly and provides energy for the entire training session.  That fact that it can replenish gycogen storage very fast makes it a popular supplement among fitness enthusiasts.

3) Oatmeal

This is our best pre-workout breakfast carb. Oatmeal is a good source of complex carbs. Best way to have it is by having it for breakfast about 2 hours before going to the gym.  And we will tell you our secret recipe to boost your performance! Add a scoop pf protein powder to it. So you will have not carbs but protein too before workout.

4) Fruit Smoothies

We all know how fruits are full of the goodness of sugar and fructose. They are also high in calories and just like oatmeal can be the perfect workout breakfast too.  When you have fruit smoothie your body gets all the goodness of fast acting carbs and you are ready for the session.  Adding yogurt to the smoothie will further make it even more healthier.

5) Wholewheat Bread

Having  wholewheat breads about 2-3 hours before starting the training is great for the body. Wholewheat breads are full of the goodness of complex carbs. For those who go for regular running or cycling, should pay particular attention to their carb diets. The wholegrain breads are perfect for them and keeps them active throughout their workout session.

6) Brown Rice


Brown rice with a side of vegetables can be a great alternative  for meals before workout.  Just as wholegrain breads it is packed with complex carbs that will see you through the day. Try adding a lean protein to the meal and you will be very happy with the results.

7) Sweet Potatoes

Baked, mashed, roasted, sauteed have them any way you want. They are not just packed with Vitamin A, but has all the good carbs, in fact more compared to potatoes. The best part is however, sweet potatoes have a lot less calories than regular potatoes.  They can be used as a side for any regular meal or just as snacks. If usin them as part of a big meal like lunch, have them 2/3 hours before heading to the gym.

8) Tahini

Fan of exotic food? Try Tahini from the middle east.  It is nothing  but a paste made from sesame seeds. It is full of healthy minerals, good fats and carbs. Try spreading it over a pita bread – another source of healthy carbohydrates and have a complete meal.  Who says workout food has to be boring?

Having said all that, do remember water also plays an equally critical role. So keep your body hydrated and have  nutritious carbs before workout that your body needs. You will soon see the effect it has on your body.

Hope this article helped! If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help. Just put it in a comment below and we will get back to you.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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