Previously, we debunked some of the common bodybuilding supplement myths that one gets to hear every day and now we are here again to save you from falling into the pit of these dumbest bodybuilding myths that you might have heard about a lot. Finally revealing the truth –

1. You can only build muscle if you eat more

The amount of muscle a person can make largely depends on upon three factors which are – Training, Recovery and Diet.

All of them go hand in hand. Neglecting the importance of any of them will decrease your chances towards building a champion’s physique.

Most of the time you have heard people stressing so much about eating surplus calories (does not matter from where they come) to build more muscles.

Yes, it’s true that one can build more muscle by consuming a good amount of calories but there are chances that they may end up looking a “big dirty bulk” than a “profound shredded physique”. And once you get on the cycle of dirty bulking, it gets very tough to cut down.

What we are saying is that you don’t need to hop from bulking cycle to cutting cycle now and then. Rather you should look towards maintaining a strict diet code that gives a little more than maintenance level calories and thus keeping you away from complexities and stress on your mind.

“You can’t overcome your bad diet by working out hard in the gym.”


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 2. Stay lazy on recovery days.

Recovery days for most of the average gym goers are just about eating and resting followed by skipping all physical activities just to ensure that their muscles get proper rest. Total Crap!

Recovery days are not just for snoring all day on the couch. You certainly need to get your ass bouncing like other days.

Get in some light cardio if you wish or else you could practice light stretching so that your muscles get much-needed relief from soreness (if any) and speed up the process of recovery.

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3. If you are not sore after a workout, you have done it wrong.

Soreness is, of course, one of the signs to confirm the effectiveness of a workout session but not always. Soreness does not always guarantee you hypertrophy.

Soreness, in other words, can be said as pain sensitivity caused by breaking of muscle fibres and are heavily dependent on how sensitive your receptors are. So even if you don’t feel ultra high soreness after a hard workout, it does not necessarily show your lack of effort.

Apart from hardcore training, several other reasons promote pain like – Poor sleep, Overtraining and Bad diet.

So, don’t fool yourself by grading your workout based on soreness level.

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