Right from kickass bicep training tips from pro bodybuilders to tips for maximising arm development, we have told you enough about how to trick new gains for your biceps. With this article, we are going a step further to tell you about some of the old school and not much-heard bicep training tips that will certainly work for your biceps. Here’s what you need to know –

1. Feed your biceps with more reps.

Usually, everyone would kick off their workout with a predetermined goal to complete X number of reps in Y exercise. What I have seen is that the most of the people in gym hit out at anywhere between 10-12 reps per exercise regardless of whether they are feeling the burn or not.

Lifting Barbell or DB just for the sake of completing some X number of reps is not going to take you any close to your ultimate dream of BIG ARMS.
guy-doing-bicep-curlsMore than counting reps focus on getting maximum burn in targeted muscles. There’s no problem at all if it takes more than 15-20 reps for you to get that super human pump.

Don’t only stick to monotonous 8-10 reps because your trainer told you to do so. Please no. Get in more volume with weight challenging enough to summon your biceps for new growth.

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2. Find your sweet spot and favourite exercise.

Barbell curls and DB curls have unarguably helped many bodybuilders in building massive biceps but that does not necessarily mean that everyone can avail the same amount of benefit from those exercises.

Here’s the simple version of what we want you to do – Not all exercises are meant to work for everyone. So, it’s upon every individual to know which exercise works for them and which not.

Eliminate the ones which do not give you desired results and master those who give you sick pump every time.

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