Many a time, I have seen people, especially beginners gazing at the other guys in the gym who lift heavy ass weights and wonder why they can’t lift heavy like all those big boys. And if you are one such who cannot lift heavy then you certainly need to read this article.

Well my friend, there are many reasons why you can’t curl as much as other guys do, why you can’t deadlift as much as others do and why you can’t squat as many pounds as they do. And it’s not just about how many days per week you work out or how strict your routine is, you still may not be strong enough to stack on those pounds. Here’s why:

1. You workout EVERY SINGLE DAY!Squatting

That’s something very common with beginners. In their initial days, newbies don’t love to skip a day or two from training. It’s like playing with a new toy until it gets boring. However, training daily without any days off can be more deadly if you don’t get enough rest for muscles to recover from previous workout session.

Over-training or accumulation of fatigue will not only hinder your performance but also stunt your ability to lift more weights. And it’s as simple as:

Tired muscles can’t lift as much as muscles which have fully recovered from the previous training session can.

Yes. It’s absolutely fine to take a day or couple off every now and then just to keep things smooth and under control, after all excess of anything is dangerous.

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2. You Wish to Stay in Your Comfort Zone

I know how much you love to hit those light weights day in, day out. You also love those typical 3 sets for 12 reps because you just don’t wish to feel the pain, the pain of trying something new. And over the time you let your body adapt to work load and show no signs of growth whatsoever.

However, the game is all different when it comes to building strength for lifting those heavy plates. Move over those 3 sets for 10 reps ideology, instead try something new and challenging like 5 sets for 5 reps or 8 sets of 3 reps with adding more weight after every set. And gradually you will see that lifting heavy was never a problem.  

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3. You don’t train around strong fellows

muscular-guy-with-dumbellsBodybuilding is all about pushing oneself beyond limits to achieve something that has never been achieved before. In order to build a stronger person version of oneself, you need to keep yourself energized and motivated throughout the day to pursue difficult challenges every now and then.

Motivation can come from anywhere, even from a training partner who is stronger than you. Also, you can get enough stimulus by just staying around the people who have the same passion and willingness like you.

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