“The bigger your shoulder looks the smaller your waist and vice versa” – Gary Strydom

Big and wide shoulders are something that will always draw everyone’s attention to you. Moreover, well-developed delts will give a leaner and more athletic look to your body. So, it’s the right time to achieve those Boulder Shoulders by correcting these three commonly made mistakes. 

1. Focusing too much on front and side delts and too little on rear delts.muscular-guy

To start with, a shoulder consists of three heads namely – Front, middle and Rear. It’s very true that most of the average gym goers do not care much about the last one, that is, Rear head of the shoulder.

To them, shoulder workout is all about presses and more presses and ofcourse they can never forget shrugs. However, if your goal is to build a strong and top class physique then you certainly cannot afford to skip rear deltoids training.

Exercises like Face pull, Bent-Over Rear Lateral Cable Raise, Standing reverse cable fly can help you win over lagging rear delt growth.

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2. Hitting shoulders right after Chest day.

It is one of the most common mistakes made in the gym especially by a rookie who is so desperate to build a muscle packed upper body. However, you should first learn that your shoulders are largely involved in different chest and back exercises. Moreover, shoulders act as a stabilizer in all push and pull movements. So, when you hit shoulders right after an intense chest workout, you are keeping yourself far from max results and nearer to overtraining and injuries.

Thus, it’s rightfully suggested to keep a few days gap between training chest and shoulders.

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3. Monotonous shoulder workout routine.


Time and again, it’s advised not to stick to the same workout routine for too long. Hitting the same military presses and DB flyes every now and then with no variation will hinder you of fresh gains and when you don’t gain muscles over a period of time, there are possibilities you have hit a plateau.

So, it’s suggested that you should switch up your shoulder workout (or any other) routine frequently. Add some new moves along with varying rep and sets schemes to get those boulder shoulders without hitting a plateau

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