Are you going through that phase where you are not building any muscle despite so much of hard work in training sessions? Well, if that’s the thing and then this article is a must read for you. Take a look at top 3 tricks that will ease up muscle building process in no time –

1) Focus equally on both – Positive and Negative halves of the rep.

6 X Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates advocated the use of many personalized techniques for building muscle. One of the very famous techniques that he always suggests aspiring bodybuilders to use is – Focusing on negative half of the rep for maximum muscle growth.

When you break down your action of lifting weights, you will find that your muscle possesses mainly three types of strength – 1st – Positive power which enables you to lift the weight from A to B. Then  2nd – Static strength, the one that able the muscle to hold the weight. And the 3rd being the Negative strength which helps in lowering down the weight.

Most of us focus much on positive half of the rep and completely neglect the negative half of the rep by lowering down the weight without any resistance.

The trick is to lower down the weight slowly (resisting the weight as you lower it) by utilizing maximum stretch in the muscles fibres. And you already know that more stretch in tissues is equal to more burn and eventually bigger muscles.guy-exercising

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2) Get in a Deload week

Let me tell you what a Deload week means (in case you don’t know) – A de-load week is when you have to lighten up the load and decrease the intensity of the workout to help your nervous system and body to recover. However, Deload weeks are usually taken after weeks of heavy training.

I understand your love for heavy lifting session but believe me; it’s pretty okay to drop some weights and lift lighter ones just to give enough room for the body to recover and prepare for upcoming hardcore workouts.

Depending upon your level of training, Deload week can last for a couple of weeks or more.

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3) More volume for lagging muscle

A lagging body part is a curse for every bodybuilder. And it gets even worse when everything grows except those lagging muscles. Here’s a time-tested solution to this never ending problem – You can overcome a lagging muscle simply by hitting them with more exercises and high intensity in every workout.

However, it’s very necessary to target lagging muscle first up in any training session as initially with high energy; lagging muscles will get enough stress to overcome a plateau and summon new growth. 

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