With the advancement of time, everyone is getting more concerned about their health and diet. Each one of us wants to have that perfect figure and health and make sure that we follow certain rules and diet plans to reach our goals.

While performing activities to achieve our targets, we do lose the fats but then our health is the question, and that happens due to our exposure to the growing technology.  Our use of different technology has indeed increased and unknowingly it does affect our body systems and deteriorate body from the standard functionality.

Here are four of the main day-to-day things that are giving you a hard time on fat loss –

1) Blue-Light from electronic gadgets


  • Light, especially the blue lights from the electronic devices disturbs our cycles of sleep and that it doesn’t allow the hormone to be released which helps in sleeping.
  • Melatonin, a kind of hormone associated with sleep and wake cycles, which releases during the low light exposure and signals that the body is ready to sleep. This cycle gets disrupted on our exposure to the blue lights of the gadgets or the white lights from the bulbs and thereby leading to the lesser amount of sleep.
  • And to avoid such problems, it is better to fight back the light, take in as much of light during the day as much as possible and sticking to other coloured lights helps you prevent the problems of sleep in a longer run.

2) Increased Stress


  • Another day-to-day and one of the most important habits that do not allow us to reach our fitness goals is the stress factor.
  • Chronic stress secretes Cortisol aka stress hormone that is known to suppress the sleep and muscle growing hormones. With prolonged exposure to the chronic stress, one cannot control it on its own.  It forces an individual to stay awake and let not its body work its regular cycle.
  • To help fight against the chronic stress and get a peaceful sleep, you should avoid indulging in heavy physical activities in the evening and also lessen the amount of caffeine intake.

3) Irregular sleeping pattern


  • When you don’t have enough of sleep, you tend to store in more of fats. Traditionally, people believe that fats accumulate with more amount of sleep but technically, the more you sleep, the more you burn.
  • Sleep releases growth hormone which allows one to build stay healthy, but less of quality sleep leads to the lower release of growth hormone as well increase in ghrelin, which allows hunger which eventually permits the accumulation of fats.
  • Make sure that you have a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day and have that our have a peaceful sleep with a dark and cold environment.

4) Sedentary Lifestyle


  • Lastly, our sitting habits and timings have let the fat build its space in our body. Researchers say that when an individual sits for more than four hours, he is very likely to add up to the fats in his body.
  • Since 1950’s, people have been sitting for hours, while travelling, while watching TV and due to their constant exposure to computers wherein they are supposed to sit for long, fats make their places in our body.
  • So, make sure that you always sit in a proper posture and take hourly breaks or even get some brisk walk now and then just to keep everything healthy.
  • You can also look for the adjustable standing desk so that you don’t always need to sit while working.

Whenever you sit to plan your diet schedules and your workout routine, make sure that you keep these things in mind which will add up to your efforts in getting fit and healthy.

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