“What’s keeping me away from maximum muscle growth?” is the #1 question in the bodybuilding world. In fact, every bodybuilder faces such situation at least once throughout his bodybuilding career. And therefore, here’s an article for all those people suffering from the shortage of gains even after giving 100% effort in the gym. Eliminate these four mistakes which are keeping you away from your gains –


1). Stuck to the same workout routine for too long.

I’m quite sure that every newbie will relate this to himself. During their initial days of bodybuilding, beginners get to hear a lot of suggestions from their trainers on what to eat and what not to but they fail to get proper advice on their training routine.

Often they are lured by low weights and high reps technique which does not allow them to grow as much muscle which they would have grown the other way. Instead of choosing lightweight again and again, you should subject your muscles to rather heavy and challenging weights to get them fully developing.

However, while lifting heavy make sure that you do no less than 6-8 reps in each set.

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2). You’re not trying specialised techniques.

I have already described it in – 4 workout variations every bodybuilder should try.

Straight sets are undoubtedly the best way to grow muscles but over the period, your muscles get habituated of the workload and show less growth and eventually hit a plateau.

Overcoming a muscle plateau can be quite easy with the help of specialised techniques like Drop sets, Super sets and much more.

Not only they will assist you with plateau but also spark new muscle growth.


3). Practising too much of isolation.

There are two types of lifting practices, one being isolation and another compound lifting.

As the name suggests, compound movements are the ones which involve more than one muscle like Squats and Deadlifts. On the other hand, Isolation exercises target only one muscle at a time.

Both of them are equally essential for maximum growth and thus an ideal workout should contain at least 2 or more compound lifts along with a single isolation exercise.

4). Keeping up with protein level but forgetting carbs and fats.

You see that’s the case with most of us out here. We are all driven by the passion for building more muscles in the shortest time, we often overdo protein and forget carbs and healthy fats.

No doubt that Protein should always be in greater amounts than carbs and fats but neglecting the latter two ultimately will not help you in the long run. Here’s your Ultimate Lean Muscle Building Diet strategy – A Complete Diet Strategy to Grow Lean Muscle

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