Time and again, we receive a lot of queries from our customers on various bodybuilding and fitness topics like – best workout routine to build lean muscle, different variations in workout, fat-loss diet and routine, low carb or high carb diet principle, reduce body fat percentage, stretching exercises after workout, best cardio routines and what not.

Today, we answer some of the often asked questions about fat loss and body fat percentage. Take a look –

Q – Hi, I have been on fat loss routine since last few years. Initially, I saw great results with my cardio routine. But since last few months, I’m seeing no signs of fat loss or muscle growth whatsoever. Tell me what’s wrong? Why am I not losing my body fat like I did before?

A – Well my friend, I think you have hit a muscle plateau. During the initial stage, that is when you were still a beginner, you saw great results from your training routine. However, with years, as you made your transition from a beginner to an intermediate, your body adapted to workload and intensity and gradually drove you to a plateau. You will see that the exercises that once produced good pump no longer shows the same results unless done with greater intensity or heavy weights.

Thus, in order to drop down body fat percentage like you always did, you need to you need to change up the things.

Here are few tips that will spice up your boring workout routine and thereby make it easy for you to lose your stubborn body fat –

Increase your workout intensity. You can increase the intensity by cutting down rest between two consecutive sets to 45-60 seconds. Studies show that you are more likely to increase your human growth hormone level by high volume, short rest period compared to workout routines with long rest periods.

You should also include various workout variations like super sets, drop sets and rest pause technique to churn out the max work from the muscles.

And for god’s sake, get rid of those light weight dumbbells and start lifting those heavy weights before it gets too late.

If you are training your abs at the end of your workout then do it like ARNOLD did – A non-stop (no rest at all) 15 minutes instinct training.

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Q – Frankly speaking, I was a kind of an NO-Cardio guy since beginning. I never enjoyed my cardio session. But recently, I read somewhere that Cardio is very necessary to reduce body fat percentage. Which type of cardio should I go for? Should I choose steady state low intensity or High-intensity cardio?

A – We all have heard the infamous – “slow and steady wins the race” phrase which is often considered as the recipe for success in every aspect of life.

However, if your aim is to win a race against the tenacious body fat, slow and steady cardio will never ever help you cross the winning line first.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) aka Fast Cardio aka Cardio that builds Elite athletes is the only cardio choice you have to build lean muscle along with getting rid of your love handles.

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Here are some sample HIIT workout routines for beginners –

Here are some sample HIIT workout routines for intermediates –

Q – Hi, I have been working out since last 6 months. And during this period, I have heard a lot of suggestions and kind of to-do stuff about burning fat and losing weight. With so many tips, I’m totally confused. Please tell me, is there any single biggest nutrition tip that will help me throughout my transformation journey?

A – Since you are a beginner, you will gradually learn that fitness and bodybuilding are not just about finding some spare time to go to a gym and workout. It’s a whole lot bigger than you think. Don’t worry, I will leave this for next time. For now, let’s get on to your question.

The single biggest diet and nutrition tip which I believe will help you in achieving your fitness goals is – A CALORIE IS NOT A CALORIE.

Yes, it’s the truth. All calories are not created equal.

You might have heard that as long as you workout you can eat whatever you wish to or as long as you burn out all of your calories, there’s nothing wrong in eating junk foods. All BULLSHIT.

If it were just about calories then some 100 calories from fructose (read: fruits) will have the same effect on the body like 100 calories obtained from high-grade protein. But it isn’t that way.

Different foods follow different metabolic pathways. Foods like fruits (when consumed in excess) can lead to excess weight gain while meals containing eggs, fish, lean chicken, broccoli, etc can boost metabolism.

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eat in a day

Q – Do you think that stress can be a factor of importance if I want to lower down my body fat percentage? Besides getting 6-7 hours of sleep, I have a top notch diet and workout regularly. Very often I get stressed about my work and other things. What should I do?

A – First thing, you need to RELAX. Taking too much stress about anything deteriorates your physique in many ways.

When you get stressed, your body increases the production of cortisol aka stress hormone above the regular level. These high levels of cortisol will further lead to accumulation of body fat.

To get better results, you also need to prioritize your sleep. Increase your sleep hours to at least 8-9 hours per day to keep stress under control and giving muscles enough time to recover.

You can also practice yoga, or meditate or watch your favourite cartoon show to reduce unwanted stress.

And the best stress buster – A romantic movie with your girlfriend (if you have one).


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