When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, an average gym goer will always get to hear an advice or two about post workout things and nutrition. However, most of them don’t understand how important role pre-workout plays in carving out the best physique. Newbies, especially put in all their concentration on post workout strategies but skip pre workout rituals. Well, it’s the time when you need to rebuild your strategies and check if you are not making any of these pre workout blunderslean body

1. NEVER Eat too Much Prior to Workout.

A Pre-Workout meal is one of the most important meal for a bodybuilder as it determines his performance in the gym to a large extent. A proper pre workout nutrition can yield ultimate results by providing the much needed nutrients and energy to muscles during the workout.

However, eating prior to a workout can be both beneficial as well as detrimental depending upon how much food you have in your plate. Eating too much before a training session can possibly cause stomach upset and lethargic performance. Moreover, too much food in stomach may deprive you of essential pump during exercise.

So, next time before you munch those slow digesting carbs prior to your workout, make sure that they are not way too much.

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2. DON’T Perform HIIT Before a Workout.

Both, Steady state cardio as well as High Intensity or HIIT cardio are equally important for an athlete. However, steady state cardio is more preferable before a workout than HIIT session. The thing with HIIT is that it will exhaust you of essential energy you require during weight training session. On the other hand, Steady state cardio will effectively warm up your body without making you run out of energy and thus promoting better performance in lifting session.

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3. DON’T Oversleep Right Before a Training Session. 

Sleep is of course the magic pill but like pre workout meal, it’s benefits also depends on how much you have it. While too much of sleep right before a training session can weaken your performance whereas a short power nap of 20-30 minutes can boost your body for an effective weight lifting session.body-dumbells

4. NEVER perform static stretching.

 This is infact one of the most common mistake every average gym goer commits. As soon as they enter the gym, the first thing they would perform is 15-20 minutes of stretching with utmost dedication. And then after, when it’s time to lift weights, they feel tired and lazy.

Why to waste time on static stretching when you can simply get in pre workout warm up with dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching exercises like

Lunge with Rotation, Scorpion, Leg swings, Lunges will not only save you from injuries but also improve your performance.

Now you are well known with these easy hacks. Implement them in your daily routine and let us know the results.

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