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4 Weight Training Mistakes a Beginner Should Never Do!!!

There’s absolutely no denying in the fact that everything has to start from somewhere. Beginning of anything, be it about weight training or any other aspect of life, determines how far you are gonna go. Before couple decades, bodybuilding was about trial and error, that is, bodybuilders grew up making mistakes and learning from them. But now in the age of Internet, there’s hardly any reason you need to make mistakes. Everything is served to you and all you need to do is capitalize on it. However, if you are still finding it hard to get any gains, here’s what you need to learn –muscular-guy

1. Don’t Get Restless

Patience plays a very vital role whether it’s in or out of the gym. To start with, bodybuilding or weight training is not something which you can achieve overnight. Rather it takes years of hard work and dedication to build a top notch physique.

Having patience will not only settle your mind for all the hard work you need to do but more essentially it will also give you much needed strength and motivation to fight against all the odds.

All you need to do is put in that kickass effort and pave your way towards the glory.

2. Don’t Train the Way They (Pros) Train

When it comes to weight training, it’s very obvious to learn from the Pro Bodybuilders. However, before following those big boys blindly and lifting heavy, you need to understand what works for you and what does not.

Everyone has to start from somewhere and it’s always from the zero. Neither Arnold nor Ronnie Coleman started curling with 60 pounds from the very beginning. They had started somewhere and then gradually made their way to the top.

More than weights, you have to make sure that you have a proper form throughout the exercise and thereby yield better results.

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3. Not Having a Pre-designed Workout Plan

Like everything else, weight training also needs to be planned. Showing up at the gym without any plans in head will make you look spaced out in the room of iron.

And remember my friend, when it’s about reaching the apex, each and every moment counts.

Take a while out of your day and plan for what you are gonna do the next time you hit those weights. Moreover, you can try keeping an activity log where you can jot down your training routine with sets and reps and weights even.

So, next time don’t hit the gym like you don’t belong there, instead set up your plans and get your muscles working.

4. Lack of Proper Nutrition

The reason for including Nutrition in a weight training article is that – both nutrition and weight training are integral and inseparable part of each other.

And in a quest to achieve something brilliant, you cannot afford to neglect either of them.

Of course you can prepare an amazing workout plan with super form during the training sessions but if you fall short of proper nutrition and then it would be simply waste of efforts.

If you’re falling short of any nutritional advice then here is something that will certainly help you – A sneak peek into Arnold’s diet.


Now when you know what mistakes you should avoid, put in all your effort and get your gains coming.

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