Whether it’s about bodybuilding or any other athletic sport, the worst thing you can do to your body is not sparing enough time for ‘none – mirror’ muscles like quads, calves, and glutes. Not training legs as much as other major muscles like chest and back will not only create a home for back pain and other injuries but it will also leave you with weak legs. And in the previous article we showed you – why skipping leg day is the greatest bodybuilding sin. Well, now with this article we will take you through 5 bodybuilding moves that build strength and also helps in getting rid of those weak legs.

Farmers Walk

Press walk is another variation of it and this move works on your arms, leg muscles, core. It is a simple exercise which causes full body tension. You can perform this exercise using dumbbells and in case you don’t have it, use water jugs, sandbags, weighted vests, or anything heavier. All that needs to be done is to walk, walk till you drop the weight you are carrying. Keep your core engage in this exercise with back straight.

Sissy Squats

To build strength, muscle and flexibility in your lower half perform sissy squats. Hold a door knob or a table for support then go down in regular squats, instead of a straight line get down by leaning back and use only toes. Bring your legs forward and point your chest towards the ceiling. Go as low as you can with toes with heels off the ground and get yourself back up to start position. Use your legs for the entire move with a hand only for support.

Hack Squat

This exercise is done on a hack squat machine. The start position requires your shoulder to be under the support. Now while bending your knees go as low as you can and come back to start position by pushing your thigh muscles. The important thing with any leg exercise is to ensure that the targeted muscles are always in tension.

Half Squats

This move is done using a Smith machine and is generally for improving sticking points. The start position requires you to get the bar on your shoulders, while keeping back straight, bend your knees to half of a standard squat. (You can use heavier weights.) Now push yourself back to start point.

And here’s something we didn’t quote above

Squats along with other leg exercises not only builds strong legs but also helps in building a strong core.

Yes you, read it right.

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