Youngsters in India (both boys and girls) now understand the needs of fitness and more importantly, they are making their own decisions to pursue their lean muscle or bodybuilding goals. You can say this as an inspiration from our Indian Bollywood Stars or Professional fitness/bodybuilding individual from other western countries. It’s always great to live your life and pursue your passion the way you want.

There are also some common bodybuilding myths following around which are making many people not able to achieve their 100% in their bulk up or lean muscle goals. Here are 5 important bodybuilding myths.

1.     To see results you have to starve yourself

This would only lead to muscle catabolism resulting in sagging skin and will lower your stamina to perform workouts.

2.     Carbs are bad

Only when there will be sufficient carbs available for providing energy only then protein can be utilised for the muscle building. However one should be careful in choosing the source of carbs as simple crabs like glucose, sugars, fruit juices, etc if taken in larger quantities can lead to weight gain. However carbs from complex sources like whole grain cereals and pulses or raw fruits and vegetables will be the best choice as they will provide sufficient energy for longer duration and will also have a protein sparing role.

3.     Excess protein can damage kidneys

There is nothing like excess, there are always calculations and important calculation which can make you win or lose in achieving your fitness goal. It is very important for everyone to understand that muscles are made up of protein and protein is nothing but a combination of different amino acids. We eat protein in our everyday diet including milk, cheese, fish, etc. but due to busy schedule we cannot complete our daily protein intake, hence we opt for pure nutrition supplements such as whey protein. Moreover different types of protein have different absorption level leading to different recommended timings of intake to get best benefit out of them. Whey protein absorbs quickly i.e. is always preferred post workout, egg being slow release is recommend during/in between meals.

Healthy individuals are generally recommended to take at least 1 gram of protein per kg ideal body weight which is safe for the kidney. But in certain therapeutic condition like renal insufficiency, patients are recommended to decrease their protein intake. However, certain physiological conditions like pregnancy, lactation or even lean muscle/body building the demand of protein intake increases. Example, for building lean muscle mass and to meet the higher protein requirements, individuals are recommended to take up to 2 g of protein per kg ideal body weight. This is required to first repair and then grow the muscle tissues which will help you achieve your lean muscle mass goals.

Even sports players into different sports like hockey, football are required to take atleast 1.5 gram of protein per kg body weight to repair their muscle tissues. So there is nothing like excess

Furthermore to ensure that such high intake of protein is not damaging to the kidney, one should ensure to take sufficient water to help the kidney to metabolize the protein.

4.     Eliminating Fat from your diet

Every individual whether a bodybuilder or not requires a certain quantity of essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 for general body functions.

5.     Too much water makes you gain water weight

Drinking enough water will decrease overall water retention by increasing urination, thus preventing bloating. Ideal recommendation is to consume at least a minimum of 3-4 litres of water per day. Sufficient water will ensure proper hydration and functioning of overall body including muscles, kidney and liver. Proper detoxification of kidney and liver will actually speed up the process of lypolysis, or fat burning thus increasing the lean muscle mass. Beside this a proper hydration will enhance thermoregulation thus ensuring a greater endurance and a more comfortable workout.


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