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5 Reasons You’re Not Building any Muscles

I have been training hard for so many months, taken supplements still it’s very difficult for me to build muscles

This is a common story of every second person trying to build muscles but eventually after months of working out, quits it. Most of the time it happens because of lack of knowledge which prevents you from progressing towards your desired result. In this article, I am going to cover five reasons why you are failing to build muscles.


1. Your workout routine isnt right bro

First and foremost thing to consider is your workout. It is extremely important that you understand your body type and then train according to it. Most of the times people follow training routines of athletes or bodybuilders (professionals) etc. you need to understand that they have been working out for a very long period of time and that the routine might not suit you. This will lead to exhaustion, frustration and time wastage. It’s time to move over this mistake in order to build muscles.

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2. Calorie intake in not enough

The prominent solution to gaining muscles is taking adequate calories as your body requires ample amount of calories. Our body requires certain amount of calories in order to maintain your weight and this is known as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). You will lose weight if your calorie intake is lower than your BMR and with high-calorie intake you will always keep your body in Anabolic condition which is utmost important to build muscles.

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3. You Don’t Eat Enough Meals Throughout the Day

To maintain, gain or lose weight (or to build muscles) along with a fast metabolism it is essential that you eat smaller meals. The time of having “3 meals” have gone. Aim to have at least six small meals throughout the day. You can probably have a large portion at breakfast or lunch or dinner time if you are not able to have enough during the other meals. Like slowly adding wood to the fire make it burn more efficiently the same way slow intake at regular intervals will not lead to feeling you hungry as well as help you gain weight. And you wondered why, Jay cutler eats 6-7 meals a day!guy-exercising

4. Staying away from H2O

Water is very important for the body to functional properly but many muscle gainers do not realize its importance as they don’t hydrate themselves before and after training sessions. Drink adequate amount of water much before you are about to train as hydrating just before it would be useless. There is no reason why should not be drinking more water, so go ahead carry a bottle and sip whenever you can and don’t even worry if you need to pee every now and then. Believe me, its’ absolutely fine.

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5. You are not increasing the tempo

Body reacts to increased stress and thus helps to build muscles. The more stress you put on your body during workout, the more it will grow big in order to cope with it better. If your body adapts to your routine then it might not show any results hence it is important to keep changing workout routines. And if you really wanna build muscles then you need to switch to modern day techniques. For instance, Kai Greene, the predator himself includes lots of supersets, tri sets and other variations in his workout in order to get extra edge to his muscles.

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Also progression to increase weight or intensity etc is the key to getting results hence aim to better one aspect every week. Choose areas you have to improve and progress on it.

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