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5 Things Every Young Athlete should do to Build more Muscle Mass

No wonder that there are many reasons behind every young athlete’s want towards powerful muscles. Somebody wants to impress the other partner while others do it for the sake of getting physically healthy. Everybody has their reason. However, just focusing on big biceps and massive chest without proper know-how will not do any good.

Here I am to take you through some of the vital tips that will help every young athlete to make the most in an early stage.

1) Start off with bodyweight exercises

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The ideal age as it seems in most of the cases when a person gets into the world of fitness and bodybuilding is around 14-15 years. At such a tender age, they should certainly not train the way professionals train.

In fact in the early stage of bodybuilding, it’s all about mastering bodyweight exercises and creates more strength for what lies ahead. Even the greatest of bodybuilder today was once a beginner, mind well.

Moreover, because they are fresh to the world of dumbbells and barbells, they should certainly go through bodyweight strengthening before lifting weights.

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2) After bodyweight exercise comes, the compound lifts

Reduce Muscle Fatigue

After they have built enough strength to handle their body weight, young athletes should now go on to master compound lifts such as Deadlifts, Squats and Bench presses and all other variations.

The sole purpose of performing compound lifts over and over again is, of course, build muscle along with strength for better and efficient training.

One should include a couple of compound exercises in every training session along with few isolation exercises as well.

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3) Perform 8-12 strict reps for ‘not so heavy’ weights

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The two very essential factors that will guarantee every young athlete maximum muscles are – Technique and Form. There is a certain specific way to perform each and every exercise. One cannot just walk into the gym and start curling weights from A to B without caring whether the muscles are getting worked or not.

For every young and aspiring bodybuilder, the foremost priority should be achieving 8-12 reps in every set with proper form. Choose weights which are challenging for the muscles, not the ones which are a deal of struggle for the body.

Moreover, athletes should not worry about their 1 Rep Max and other similar stuff because they have hardly any impact in initial days.

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4) Keep a close watch on habits

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It’s, of course, the fun days in high school and college but every young athlete should also bear in mind not to distance themselves from their ultimate goal for any leisure reason.

One of the biggest challenges for every young bodybuilder is to do away with habits such as late night movies and chats which deprive them of recovery time. Also, boozing too much at parties can deteriorate athletes from their desired progress path.

Skipping meals and munching too much of junk foods are also included on ‘activities to avoid’ list.

Not that I say to stop everything at once, I just want them to lessen down everything that kills their gains.

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5) Consume more calories than maintenance level


A famous saying that states – “You cannot build muscle while you are on a diet.”

Consuming calories more than maintenance level is very necessary to summon growth. One cannot have those big arms or chiselled chest with a calorie deficit diet.

For every athlete protein has to be the top source of calories followed by carbs and healthy fats in comparatively fewer numbers.

Moreover, athletes can look forward to having a couple of protein shakes (like Arnold did) throughout the day especially after the workout when it is required the most.


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