To keep healthy is one thing but to escalate health to look beautiful from the face always sparkling, skin glowing and body shapely & toned up forever, one can make a lifestyle change over to adapting to certain tasty, innovative beverages.
These drinks should take care of ample rehydration by replenishing healthy fluids & electrolytes combating the excess losses through sweat in the scorching heat and by supplementation of those antioxidants responsible for enhancing beauty, namely Vitamin A, B, C and E along with high-quality proteins, at the same time being hypocaloric suited for weight watchers.

Health drinks for beauty- Women Fitness

Valuable foods like spinach, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, and herbs like basil (tulsi), mint, herbal teas, with the goodness of tamarind, ginger, honey and lime as taste enhancers to wheat grass and aloe vera compounded together to form interesting beverages could do wonders to anti-aging lifestyle changes. Wheat grass & aloe vera are good blood purifiers since they have proven anti-constipating qualities.


  1. Jal jeera: Constituting mint leaves, tamarind pulp, rock salt, roasted jeera powder and honey.
  1. Mixed vegetable juice: Raw Spinach, cucumber, ginger (a small piece) –blenderized and strained as juice, aloe vera gel, wheat grass juice, lime juice and chat masala.
  1. Carrot tomato juice: Both blenderized and strained as juice, aloe vera, salt and pepper added to taste.
  2. Sattu: Made from sprouted wheat (wheat germ) and roasted grams (channas) ground together. Reconstituted (a) salty with curd (b) sweet with jaggery and skimmed milk.
  1. Iced tea: Green tea, Tulsi, Ginger, honey and lime.
  1. Thandai: Walnuts (or almonds), flax seeds, melon seeds, poppy seeds, til (sesame) seeds all blenderized and powered. Mixed with honey and lime and made into a beverage. Will provide valuable omega-3 essential fatty acids for skin and anti aging for the heart.

Follow these easy tips for a beautiful skin. Share your experience in the comment below.

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