Bodybuilding is not just about lifting heavy ass weights in the nearest fitness club. Rather, it’s about developing a mental and physical strength to deal with all the odds both in and out of the gym. Bodybuilding is also about embracing the tiniest of achievement and paving a way to biggest of them. Here are some of the thing Bodybuilding has taught me: 

1. Patience Always Pays Off

And it’s rightfully said, “Good things come to those who wait” and why not if you give your best shot in everything you do, sooner or later you will be rewarded with the results. Lifting the weights day in and day out with the hope of reaching where you want to be, needs hard work and dedication along with patience. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had to work his butt off for what he wanted to be and which was something that did not happen overnight.

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2. Appreciate Even the Smallest of Gains

Celebrating even the smallest of achievement is something that will help you in long run. You will no longer run for the big incentives and enjoy even the smallest milestone you have crossed. Yes, your biceps gonna grow 20 inches but for that it has to cross 19 first. Recognizing and appreciating the smallest of gain will make your journey to your final destination easier.

3. Consistency Does Matter

There are two kinds of people that I have met so far – Ones who include ‘getting fit’ in their new year’s resolution, but by the end of the month, they have already given up. And then there are others, who dedicate their life to fitness with all hard work and no excuses.

Understand and prioritize things in life and also remember that what has to be done needs to be done regardless of all hardships that might co

4. Excess of Anything is Dangerous

Everything goes well and long if done in moderation. Too much of anything like, excess of exercising, excess of dieting and even excess of eating will not allow you to go any further. Your body will eventually get tired and you will give up. So, it’s good to take a week off from daily routine just to keep things easy and under control.

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5. Love the process of transformation

Bodybuilding, like any other aspect of life; is about transforming oneself into something better. Don’t worry about the final destination that you are going to reach anyway. Instead, learn from even the smallest of hurdle that comes across your way. Not only it will make your task easier but it will also make you a better person.

 6. If it was Easy Everyone Would Have Done it

If waking up at 6 in the morning and hitting the gym was that easy then everyone would have done it.

If following a strict diet routine was that easy then every other guy would have done it. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. It’s you who has to take care of yourself. Don’t expect somebody to help you.

Anyway, if you are doing something that others can’t then you are already a step ahead in the race of life.

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