You might be happy to find a trainer that has always been spot on with training and nutrition advice. But if he does not correct you on your behaviour in the gym, you are probably inviting some embracement for yourself very soon. Well, I can help you maintain your solid impression in the gym. It’s simpleJust avoid the below-mentioned things. Go on, read yourself.

1) You should not advise someone unnecessarily

Training partner

Your primary concern in the gym should be concentrating on your workout rather than tipping others about theirs.

And there are possibilities that information given by you may not be factual and you end up getting criticised by others. So, before you create any rivals in the gym, make sure that you keep a check on advising habit.

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2) You should not forget to bring your napkin and water bottle


It’s truth that most of the people don’t care about bringing these essential accessories like a towel and water bottle along with them.

Sweating out all over the place is not a good gym etiquette, my friend. You will end up with people giving you an awkward look.

Bringing own water bottle at the gym has a significant advantage as it saves much of your time that you would have wasted going to water fountain again and again.

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3) You should not forget to put in weight collars before you lift

Olympic lifts

Weight collars are more or less concerned with the ego of a lifter. Some believe that they are too strong to let plates slid off while other good guys don’t want to hurt themselves and others and put a weight collar every time they lift.

So, the take is – If it’s there then use it as you don’t want to hurt others because of your poor balance.

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4) You should not remove your shirt in front of others


Here comes the major of all “NOT TO DO” thingsRemoving shirt publicly in the gym. I mean why would you do it? By taking out the shirt in public, you are unnecessarily inviting other people to pass comments on your physique.

Unless you want someone to judge your physique and tell you about your weak points, you should avoid removing shirt at all cost.

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5) You should not use your phone while working out


It has been the worst problem since the rise of social media and all those people who spend more time in taking workout selfies than actually working out.

I understand that impressing your online friend is crucial but you can have a separate time for that and which should not overrule your training session.

If it’s tough for you to keep away your phone while working out then do consider this – Each time you look at your cell phone in the gym, you miss a chance of getting huge.

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6) You should not borrow equipment without asking

Even though there’s nothing like personal equipment in the gym, you cannot take over other’s weights and dumbbells and perform your workout. You should develop a habit to ask a simple question to the person working out – “How many more sets Bro?”

I’m sure that you all ask, “Is this seat taken?” while travelling on any public transport. So, why won’t you ask the same question when you see an open bench and a person standing near.

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7) You should not eye for girls


The attraction for opposite sex is something that is not avoidable especially while performing any physical work. And with women who share the same interest as you do, it becomes harder to concentrate on a workout.

Well, you can ask her for a coffee when you have finished your workout but while you are in the gym, I advise you to hold your horses. 

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8) You should not copy someone else’s workout

Ben Pakulski

I have seen lot many guys who mimic those big boys workout because they think that it will help them to get big. But, it won’t.

Instead of copying someone else’s workout just because of their size, you should spend some time in preparing your workout routine that will include exercises which would work for you.

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9) You should not talk too much in the gym

WEIGHT LOSS MYTHS AND TRUTHS Bodybuilding weight loss _ Women Fitness

Saw an old buddy in the gym? Fine. You can speak to him once you have finished with your workout. He will certainly understand your priorities.

There is much time when people find something amusing during their workout be it about the newcomer in the gym or new machine and they end up spending much of their time in talking about the things.

That’s not a good habit. Don’t let your chest day be a mouth day.

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