After months and months of long cardio sessions I did not see any progress in my physique, the stubborn fat remained as it is and there was no muscle growth. I was about to give up when I came to know about HIIT and it was the ice breaker. Right from the start HIIT did to my body what cardio never did – it made losing fat way simpler. So, here I am to make you believe that its the right time to move over lazy ass cardio to fat burning HIIT workout routine.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout routine that is quite exhausting as it combines short bursts of exercises with rest periods which push your muscles to the limit leading to a better physique in lesser periods of time when compared to people who do cardio at a moderate level regularly. There are numerous studies which reveal that HIIT is the most beneficial when it comes to burning calories.

There is absolutely no chance of getting bored as variety of exercises like boxing, spinning, sprinting etc. that can be mixed and performed to get results. The amazing thing about HIIT is that even after your workout routine ends, your body still continues to burn fat hence there is no rest for your body metabolism as muscle cells which promote fat burning are enhanced. Research has also shown that people involved in HIIT workout routine tend to lose extra fat than people doing steady-moderate cardio.

For all those who are curious to know if HIIT can be done by all or is it restricted to only bodybuilders so the answer is

“it is best for people aspiring for bodybuilding as the workout routine helps dissolve fat but it helps maintain muscle mass and eventually growth of muscle. Well you would be surprised to know but weight lifting is a form of HIIT.”

A very strenuous pace for thirty to ninety seconds followed by rest for double that time constitutes the HIIT workout routine in the beginning. As you become more fit, the intensity will become half that is fifty to fifty (workout-rest). This is called EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which means large increase of oxygen intake to replenish the oxygen deficiency that is just experienced and it is essential as you will be burning calories long after the workout is finished.

One aspect that makes HIIT so popular is that people find reduction in training time as to reach goal one put in about half the amount of time compared to other traditional cardio exercises. I am sure you will stick to this kind of workout routine as it is easier to motivate yourself to do so. It is easier to think and know that you have to do only fifteen minutes of cardio and then weightlifting in comparison to an hour long running or cycling session and then doing weightlifting. HIIT is efficient in time as it takes less chunk from your day’s schedule than doing something in lump sum.

Another benefit that you have is that you increase maximum volume of oxygen that your body cells can absorb which means that you can last longer during all kinds of exercises as the workout routine increases your maximum amount of oxygen intake quicker and faster compared to other static cardio sessions. The great thing I find about HIIT workout routine is that you don’t need to be a professional athlete nor do you need a professional trainer to do these workouts as all you have to do is match the right workout exercises to your fitness level.

They are easy to do and the net provides you a ton of different workout routines that you can try.

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