Workouts need continuous nutrient supply. A large variety of gym supplements is available today. An aspiring bodybuilder needs certain supplements definitely.

So far, you must have heard about BCAAs playing an important role during muscle building. But, there are more than 20 amino acids; and all are important to gain muscles? Today, we will take you into the select world of amino acids, and the important role they play in our gym life.

Know Exactly About Amino Acids

Amino acids contain proteins. They are building blocks of protein like protein is an aid for muscle built up. Which means it facilitates muscle repair, endurance, recovery and strengthening. That is enough to say why you must have it after a gruelling workout session.

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How Does Amino Acid Helps Build Muscles?


Amino acid improves protein synthesis in your body. So, in one way, the answer to the question—that does amino acid help build muscle–is a clear yes.

Besides improving the protein count, it makes you feeling energetic. It’s improves brain function and beat mental fatigue too.

How Amino Acids Work to Build Muscle

When you train hard, your muscle fibres lose protein. At the same time, the protein production process works but is slow.

After workout, your body undergoes anabolism. In other words, the process of muscle recovery begins. During this protein regeneration process, you need amino acids to ease protein production.

Know Most Important Amino Acid for Muscle Growth

That brings us to our next point of how to use amino acids to build muscle?

These are the amino acids which help you gain muscles:

1) Leucine:

BCAAs is a group of three essential amino acids viz Leucine (50%), iso-Leucine (25%), and valine (25%). BCAA is an important exercise fuel. It penetrates your body and muscles by dissolving in your blood.

The gold standard for muscle gain is Leucine. It exists in plenty in skeletal muscles. So this singular source is enough to speed up protein regulation in the muscles. It is also reduces muscle wasting. .

I recommend buying clean Leucine supplements. Another smart buy is a wholesome BCAA supplement like MyFitFuel’s BCAA 5000. It has a perfect ration of Leucine: 2500 mg, Iso-leucine: 1250 mg, and valine: 1250 mg in every 5 gm serving. And it comes at such an affordable price of only Rupees 1699 for 5000 mg of packet or 50 servings.

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2) L-arginine

L-arginine, is a semi-essential amino acid which pumps blood faster when you exercise. Bodybuilders, you need it. It plays an important role in protein synthesis.

You can consume this amino acids to build muscles. L-arginine works to activate your muscle cells and metabolism. It burns fat and in turn, promotes muscle growth.

You can consume between 4,000 mg und 8,000 mg per day.

3) Glutamine

Glutamine is a prime supplement for weight lifters. During heavy exercise, the normal wear and tear of muscles happens, resulting in cellular glutamine levels.

Instead of using glycogen as an energy fuel, it is your hard-earned muscles which get used in this process. Glutamine helps in reducing pressure on your muscles. It prevents muscle wasting or catabolism. It keeps your muscles hydrated too.

An important fact to remember is that glutamine takes the time to reach to its normal levels. Thus you need to take it post workout everyday.

How much Amino Acid do I need to Build Muscle?

Your body requires nutrition and energy during exercising. If we take it from the energy viewpoint, you need to consumer it before work out. Give half an hour window before you start exercising.

Amino acid like Glutamine is a very important supplement post workout. Supplements like MFF Glutamine better your chances of fast muscle recovery. It is a trusted source for muscle growth and repair of muscle tissues.

Weight trainers should use powders instead of capsules. It is easier to digest and dissolves in your blood to benefit you pre/post and during a workout.

Like I mentioned earlier, MFF BCAA 5000 is ideal as it contains a perfect ratio of 2:1:1 (2500 mg Pure LeucinePer Serving). It gives you the right nutrition feed in a single serve every time.

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