Most of the people have a hard time believing that a little five-gram scoop of amino acids supplement can do a lot good to their muscle growth and performance. Perhaps, assuming that eggs and chicken breast can turn around your physique into something remarkable is very easy. But who thought that a small scoop of white colored amino acid powder could spark gains as significant as whey protein and lean meat.

Well, in this article we will look forward some of the main advantages of amino acids supplements that can help you transform your physique.

Benefit #1: Amino Acids Promote Muscle Gains

Needless to say, there’s no way you can transform your body from fat to fit without building some muscle. And as a matter of fact, amino acids or popularly known as BCAAs promote muscle growth in more ways than one.

Primarily, amino acids serve as the fundamental blocks of protein strung together to form a necklace like structure through a process known as protein synthesis. However, not all amino acids are equally treated in the body. While most of the amino acids are absorbed by the intestine and sent straight to the liver, others like Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine get direct admission to muscle tissues.

Leucine is so far the most crucial of the three amino acids for building muscle. The science says that leucine is responsible for activating a complex mechanism called mTOR which in turn increases the muscle protein synthesis and hence muscle growth.

Several studies have shown leucine to boost insulin levels in the body. Insulin, an anabolic hormone, is not only responsible for stimulating protein synthesis but also helps decrease muscle protein breakdown. Besides, amino acids benefits your growth hormone (GH) levels. Higher the GH levels, the greater are your chances to increase muscle mass and strength.

Lastly, a recent independent research demonstrated that athletes who ingested 5 grams of amino acids supplement before workout had lower levels of cortisol during exercise than those who didn’t.

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Benefit #2: Amino Acids Boost Energy Supply

It is quite clear that amino acids play a vital role in providing energy to the muscle fibers. And this function of amino acids becomes even critical during strenuous training sessions. This is why I recommend using MyFitFuel’s BCAA 5000 which is designed to provide your muscles adequate energy so that you can train longer and get your muscles growing.

Valine, one of the three essential amino acids, is a key player in providing sufficient fuel to the muscles during exercise. It does so by competing with tryptophan ( the amino acid that makes you feel tired and sleepy) for its entry into the brain.

Typically, during exercise, tryptophan is taken by your brain in large quantity which ultimately leads to the reduction in energy and strength. So, ingesting amino acid supplement benefits your muscles for they get sustained source of energy and hence ability to work with greater force for an extended period of time.

Benefit #3: Amino Acids Supports Fat Loss

Not just for building muscles but amino acids supplements benefits your fat loss goals too! This benefit of amino acids was first known through an experiment conducted two decades ago on competitive wrestlers. It was found that subjects who supplemented with amino acids along with a calorie restricted diet showed a greater drop in body fat percentage than those in the placebo group.

Similar results were obtained from a Brazilian study wherein participants were subjected to six weeks of leucine supplementation to show large fall in body fat levels.

Very recently, Japanese scientists have confirmed the benefits of amino acids in activating fat burning receptors in a study conducted on mice subjects. The study went on to show that mice gained quite less fat when supplemented with Isoleucine on a high-fat diet than mice which were not ingested with Isoleucine.

The special receptors that I mentioned previously are called PPARs (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors). These receptors work to increase fat burning process in the body while decreasing the body’s ability to store fat.

Benefit #4: Amino Acids Strengthens Immunity

To be very honest, unlike what is popularly known, bodybuilders do fall sick and that too quite often. Lifting heavy weights day in and day out puts a lot of stress on central nervous system (CNS) which often leads to cold and flu.

Falling sick may derail your progress, and there’s nothing more devastating than missing out gym when it matters the most. It gets even worse when you come back after a week and see yourself troubling with the weights you once lifted easily.

One of the major benefits of amino acid supplements is that it enhances body’s ability to deal with diseases and hence strengthens body’s immune response.

Apart from this, you will be surprised to know that amino acids may help you increase your lifespan. This was the outcome of a study by Italian scientists wherein mice which were supplemented with amino acids turned out to live 12% longer than those not supplemented with amino acids.

Although such trials on human subjects are yet to be conducted, it certainly would be a great bonus from a supplement already providing a whole lot of other benefits.


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