While we know BCAA supplements are good for health and body, it is also important to know how much BCAA dosage we require per day. Everything is good about this supplement, and we need it. Still, you can’t overdose on it, and expect a hulk-style body in few days, no matter how hard you try!!!

Men and women have different requirements to reduce muscle tension, one of the many benefits of BCAA supplements. Why you need BCAA pre and post workout, both? We are here to answer some common questions regarding the BCAA recommended dosage.

How Often to take BCAA Powder?

Before we get into the other details, let us set the standard definition of BCAA recommended dosage. Going ahead in the article, you can pick your permutations and combination, but it is important to consume within the prescribed limit. So here we are.


Your single dose of BCAA at any time should be 5-10 grams. Depending upon your workout regime, you can decide your BCAA daily dosage. There are multiple factors to be considered before jumping to the conclusion- BCAA is essential to my fitness goals.

BCAA Dosage for Women

Females who are following a normal gym schedule, should stick to 3-5 grams a day. In other words, they can take BCAA powder once or twice in a day. If you are into rigorous training, your BCAA daily dosage is higher. You can take up to 12 grams a day, dividing your intake into 4-5 serves in a day.

BCAA Dosage for Men

The BCAA recommended dosage for men can be 15-20 grams in a day. If you are not exercising strenuously, you can stick to two times in a day BCAA dose. Likewise, if you have a busy gym life, you may as well increase your BCAA dosage per day to 6-8 serves of 5 gm each.


When to take BCAA?

Now the answer to your most important question, When to take BCAA? The optimum time to take BCAA is close to your workout. Make sure to have 6-8 grams before your workout. Pair it with protein, or carbohydrate. You can take it post workout to prevent muscle breakdown and faster muscle recovery.

Best Time to take BCAA: Before and After Workout is considered as the best time to take BCAA.

How to Take BCAA during Workout?

Only and only if you are doing intense muscle training, you can choose to take clean Leucine (around 4 grams). It is equivalent to 6-8 grams of BCAA. You need to take BCAA dosage after 1 hour of your session, ideally pairing it with protein or carbohydrate.

However, like I said earlier, there is no hard rule to BCAA daily dosage. It really depends upon your exact purpose, which we discuss in the next section of this article.

BCAA Dosage for Weight Loss


BCAA works great for fat loss, as it kills hunger and helps you exercise harder.  4-6 grams is the recommended BCAA dosage per serve if weight loss is your single target.

How to Take BCAA for Weight Loss

Take the BCAA supplement 30-40 minutes before you begin your workout. Also, intra workout is an option here as BCAA supplement increases your muscle strength and helps you shed weight at the same time. Even though you may not need a clean Leucine supplement, try and buy a BCAA brand with a high proportion of Leucine.

BCAA Dosage for Bodybuilding

Leucine is the strongest of BCAAs. The ideal daily dose of Leucine is 16 mg per kilo of your body weight. Again, a clean Leucine supplement has to measure. Your protein diet including brown rice, wheat, beans, nuts, are good source of Leucine.

IsoLeucine can be consumed in ratio of 10 mg per kilo of your body weight. Chicken, fish, almond, eggs, are good source of Isoleucine.

Valine should be 16 mg per kilo of your body weight. Dairy products, soy, peanuts are good Valine source.

How Long Does BCAA Take to Work?

BCAA supplements are easily absorbed in your body. It reaches your muscles quickly and rapidly increases the BCAA levels in your blood stream. As a result, it has a great impact when used as a pre-workout aid, by reducing muscle loss and increasing muscle growth.

Your BCAA recommended dose should accompany whey protein for better exercise performance and muscle strengthening. Whey protein should be 80: 20 split ratio of concentrate to isolate content. Isolate in whey protein powder contains BCAA content but that should not deter you from taking your regular BCAA dosage for productive results.

How to Use BCAA

The average BCAA daily dosageper serve is 5 gm. It is important to consume the BCAA supplement in the correct ratio of 2:1:1 ratio, which is 3 gm Leucine, 1 gm Isoleucine, and 1 gm of Valine. This is your ideal BCAA supplement before the workout.

You can take your BCAA supplement in a ratio of 3:1:1 ration, with more Leucine in case of intense workouts. Keep this BCAA dosage for post workout to initiate protein synthesis.

One important thing to remember is-BCAA is not easily dissolvable. We recommend the following way to tip your body with this supplement.

  • Try mixing the BCAA powder with as much liquid as you can. This way you can be sure of consuming the 1-2 teaspoon (of powder) through 10-12 sips
  • You can also use lemonade to give it a better taste
  • You can also add about 2 teaspoon in your glass of protein shake

Suit yourself before picking up a genuine BCAA label. Go online to understand the technicalities of the product, and evaluate your options carefully, paying close attention to the nutrition break up.

Take a step forward, and buy a product like MFF BCAA 5000. I vouch for it personally, as it is a certified pure substance BCAA product. You can negotiate your way, and surprise yourself every time you visit myfitfuel. The fitness site offers attractive discounts on plethora of products.

And, I say it again. It is important to do an extensive search to buy an authentic product, so that you don’t need to blame BCAA, for not putting your body in great shape after all the hard work, do you?

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