BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. Our muscles and tissues comprise a significant amount of amino acids and these are derived from the proteins that we take in our food.

Amino acids are the organic compounds, mainly of carbon and nitrogen. But there are three important amino acids which are most important for the muscle growth and energy balance-

  • Leucine,
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

While working out, it is necessary to maintain the BCAA ratio in the body, else it would result in fatigue and improper muscle growth. The BCAA ratio refers to the proportion of the three branched chain amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine), taken as a supplement for a healthy workout.

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What is the Best BCAA Ratio

The BCAA supplement comes in different percentage of its constituents viz Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (in the same order). These are available in the proportions of 2: 1: 1, 4: 1: 1, 8: 1: 1, and 10: 1: 1 The best BCAA ratio of supplement intake should be decided on the basis of following factors-

  • The time of intake (pre, post, or during workout)
  • The purpose of intake
  • The quantity of intake
  • The quality of the BCAA supplement

The BCAA supplements are not only meant for helping in building muscles. They are also useful in maintaining the energy levels and for the purpose of weight gain. So it is important to understand which amino acid should be taken in what proportion to get the maximum benefit.


Leucine Benefits: Leucine helps to prevent muscle breakdown during workouts, or we can say, it helps to maintain the muscular mass. It also helps in speedy recovery from wounds and injuries.

Isoleucine Benefits: Isoleucine helps in maintaining the nitrogen level in the body. Ignorance of proper isoleucine will cause fatigue and lost stamina.

Valine Benefits: Valine helps in building new muscular tissues and enhances the muscular strength.

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The BCAA supplements compensate the protein requirement of the body, which is consumed due to intense workouts. The most preferred BCAA supplements are the BCAA ratio in 2: 1: 1, 4: 1: 1, and 8: 1: 1. Now let’s understand which BCAA ratio is ideal at what situation-

BCAA 2 : 1 : 1 Ratio

This BCAA ratio comprises 50 percent leucine, and 25 percent each of isoleucine and valine. Taking this supplement before exercise promotes endurance in the muscles and reduces fatigue. This can be taken in a 5-gram dose, 2-4 times a day for the best results.

My experience says- the MFF BCAA 5000, a product from is an apt BCAA 2: 1: 1 supplement, as it is a composition of pure leucine, isoleucine, and valine in the said proportion, without any additives. And it ensures that equal amount of amino acids are supplied in every intake.

Best BCAA Ratio for Muscle Growth

The BCAA supplements are a valuable addition to the athletes’ diet routine. The BCAA ratio of 2: 1:  1 is scientifically proven to be best suited for muscle synthesis, endurance, and fat burning.

BCAA 4 : 1 : 1 Ratio

Of the three amino acids, leucine is most anabolic, i.e. it promotes the synthesis of complex protein molecules more than isoleucine and valine. But adding the leucine proportion greater than required may start negating the benefits of isoleucine and valine.

Therefore, the BCAA ratio os 4: 1: 1 is best suited after workouts when our main purpose is to boost protein synthesis to recover and rebuild the body tissues.

BCAA 8 : 1 : 1 Ratio

Same as the BCAA ratio 4: 1: 1, this BCAA ratio is useful for post workouts. Since the ratio of leucine is more and most of the time our body requires all the three amino acids in a balanced quantity, it should be taken with the expert’s consent.

Apart from these, the BCAA supplements are available in a number of flavours and other nutritional additives. You can always opt for the BCAA supplements as suggested by your fitness expert. Understanding your body and its requirements adds to better workouts which lead to better results.

Hence, the different BCAA ratio gives the maximum benefit when taken in the right dose and at right time. Selecting the best quality of BCAA supplement is yet another factor to consider, and one should not just get drawn by the advertisements. And last but not the least, one should be patient while working out, as it takes a significant amount of time to build up the shape you wish for.

So people, why according to you the BCAA ratio of 10: 1: 1 is not much preferred in the fitness industry?

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