Whether you’re trying to increase muscle size or strength there are some gym supplement that can help you get as strong and big as possible. If you are a serious physique and strengths athlete or bodybuilder, you have probably already heard that various supplements can help you in reaching out your goal much faster and getting the most from your diet and intense workout sessions. But you probably ask, which supplements? The market is stuffed with supplements just like a bodybuilder in a kid’s T-shirt.

This is why we have done some homework and did research on different gym supplements and made a selection of supplements that are best of the best. We wanted to stop you from wandering around through the internet and a digital forest of personal guru sites and “get big!” blogs as some of these blogs can often be a source of misinformation. Knowing how much to take, what and when to take will help you get the most out of your hard work.

If your main goal is to get as strong and big as possible, our article will help you do exactly that. Let’s start!

Gym Protein Supplements

Whether you are looking to build mass or burn fat, protein supplements will help you get results much faster. They will help you in muscle building, maintenance and repair not to mention fat loss.

There are several best protein supplements for gym that work best:

1) Whey Protein Supplements


Proteins like whey are fast-digesting and work great as post-workout drink as it helps in improving recovery of muscles and adapting after a hard workout session. Comparing to other proteins, whey also stimulates muscle synthesis to a much higher level.

Almost twenty percent of milk protein is whey protein and is prevailed as a byproduct of cheese production. It’s really popular as it enhances muscle recovery, aids muscle growth, boosts your immune system and achieves daily protein intake.

2) Casein Protein Supplements

Same as whey protein, Casein protein has same benefits – if using it, it will slowly feast your body with all important amino acids, plus it is easy to digest. Our advice is to take it before going to bed as casein protein supplements are complete source of proteins your body needs.

As we mentioned above, whey is about 20% of the milk, but the remaining percent (80%) is casein protein. It’s also popular as it slowly digests and provides enough supply of amino acids to your bloodstream. It should be your number choice if you’re working on reducing the breakdown of your muscles.

3) Combination of Whey and Casein Protein Supplements

By combining casein that is slow-digesting and whey that is high-digesting you will keep your body in a highly constructive environment for a longer period of time. This combo also helps keeping values of protein deduction up and minimize your muscles from breaking down.

Lifters and bodybuilders who are under intense training programs will surely benefit if they intake carbohydrate instantly after their workout. Combined with a protein supplement will increase your rates of glycogen resynthesis and insulin levels.

If you want to learn more about the difference and comparison of whey and casein protein supplements read our article – Casein vs Whey Protein: Which One Is Best For You

4) Amino Gym Supplements

Amino Acids are magnificent supplements. When you discover what they can do to your body, you’ll be amazed. There are eight essential amino acids, but we’ll focus only on BCAA and glutamine supplements for now.

BCAA Supplements


If you’re a bodybuilder or a strength athlete there is no reason why to skip on taking branched-chain amino acid supplements (BCAAs). They taste delicious, plus having one between your workouts will speed up your muscle recovery after a hard workout.

Some studies showed that those who took 100 milligrams of BCAAs per body weight kilogram experienced much less muscle damage and soreness. Leucine promotes suppressing protein degradation and protein synthesis therefore helps regulate metabolism itself and improve muscle recovery that can be damaged during hard, long trainings.

There are various sources such as tablets, protein shakes and protein powders that are available on the market. We advise you search for those who have a perfect composition of all three BCAA components:

  • Valine – 1250 milligrams
  • Iso – Leucine – 1250 milligrams
  • Leucine – 2500 milligrams

Glutamine Supplements

Glutamine is another amino acid which supports muscle production and works best if you need something to regulate your immune system. In short, this is the fuel source for your brain AND your diet system. It’s of great use for muscle production, bodybuilding in general and those who are “cutting down” on extra weight and fat. If you’re trying to get rid of your extra body fat but keep all your muscles before summer, then this is the perfect supplement for you.

When it comes to how to take glutamine, we suggest that you take 10 to 15 grams per day if you’re bodybuilder, or 2-3 times a day with serving at around 5 grams. If you’re already taking supplements than you need to know that many protein supplements already contain a dosage of glutamine so we suggest you read the labels carefully in order to be sure.

The best time to take glutamine is post-workout, early in the morning or at night before you go to bed. You can read about Glutamine Dosage: When, How and How much Glutamine to take in detail here.

If you want to learn which one’s better BCAA or Amino Acids check out our previously published article – BCAA vs Amino Acids: What Is The Difference? We also compared BCAA and glutamine so be sure to read that article also.

Gym Supplement Price

Now that we explained facts on each gym supplement that we find the best in this category, we can’t finish the article without mentioning the price range of these supplements, so let’s start.

Whey Protein Supplements

Can be found in a price range from Rs 799.00 for the  MFF Whey Protein 70 (453 grams, 1 lb) to MFF Whey Protein 80 prices at Rs 2,299.00 on discount for 3 lbs bag.

Casein Protein Supplements

There’s only MFF Calcium Caseinate 90 available in our online shop at Rs 1,849.00 price on discount for 2 lbs bag.

BCAA Protein Supplements

250 grams of MFF™ BCAA 5000 bag can be found for a price of Rs 1,189.00 which is currently a discounted price.

Glutamine Protein Supplements

300 grams of Pure Glutamine bag can be found for a price of Rs 999.00 on discount.

Hopefully you learned something today and if you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us.

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