Running requires your body to be in good shape. If you practice running to maintain fitness, you definitely need- supplements. When you are preparing for a marathon, then also you need runner supplements.

An athletic activity always needs nutrition to increase endurance and improve performance. You also need it to reduce your chances of illness or injury. So, as you go shopping for sportswear, make sure you have these running supplements on your list.

We discuss specific supplements for runners. They address different requirements, based on body functions, nutritional feeds, and performance.

1) Whey Protein


Why we need protein for workouts is obvious. It is an essential nutrient for muscle growth. Whey protein is one of the best running supplements and clearly, the best protein supplement for runners. It is our top choice because of

  • a) it is low in calories and
  • b) it helps in the fast replenishment of protein.

You need about 60 grams of whey protein before you begin running. This will ensure faster muscle recovery after you finish running. It is a must to build lean muscles.

To sum-up, whey improves performance, preserve muscle loss and reduce injuries.

A good supplement is all that you need. MFF Whey Protein 80 will meet your protein rule exactly. A single serve feeds you body with 26 gram of whey protein. It is available in different flavours so that you can prepare smoothies by adding water to it. It is easy to pack it and carry it along with you every day.

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2) Creatine


This brings us to our next question of best recovery supplement for runners.

Protein supplements such as MFF Whey 100 (81.25% pure protein) repair muscles. You also need creatine to complete the process of muscle growth and recovery.

It complements the whey protein supplementation. It reduces damage to the living cells of the body by keeping your body hydrated. It reduces muscle swelling when you sweat it out.

Again, you need a supplement from a trusted source. The MFF Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh is one such option. It reduces fatigue, besides muscle recovery. It increases your muscle mass too.

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3) Beta Alanine and BCAAs

Both whey and creatine increase endurance. But, different supplements offer different benefits. They don’t replace each other.

Add these two supplements to the routine for endurance.


It is a proven product to reduce fatigue. It is useful as runner supplement because of biochemical activity. Beta-Alanine is an amino acid, which increases the carnosine content inside your muscles. Thus, you muscles have hydrogen surpluses to help you run faster and feel stronger.

Beta-Alanine also takes care of uncomfortable sensation in your nerves, known as paresthesia. During workouts, you are likely to feel a sensation like pins and needles in your legs. It can also numb your affected limb. These are nerve sensations to and Beta-Alanine is must to treat it.


If you are wondering what BCAAs have to do with running, then let us apply logic first. Your body depletes tryptophan, an amino acid used for protein synthesis. Reduced tryptophan level means an increase in the level of serotonin during running.

In other words, your brain fires neurones which induce sleepiness and mood swings. It affects your performance as a result.

BCAAs (valine, leucine and isoleucine) reduce the serotonin levels. Thus, it reduces fatigues and improves running performance. BCAAs (Leucine) are present plenty in skeletal muscles, and thus, help in muscle recovery.

A recommended product is MFF BCAA 5000, which has the ideal content ratio of 2:1:1. It means 2500 grams of Leucine and 1250 grams of valine and isoleucine.

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4) Vitamin D and Calcium

Taking adequate calcium should be your top priority. You need it to maintain the correct bone density. There are different supplements available in the market today. You need to read the label before you buy one.

Vitamin D and calcium is the perfect combination to maintain strong bones. Together, they are best joint supplements for runners. Consume Vitamin D to avoid joint injuries or disorders later.

5) Caffeine


Caffeine finds a place in best pre-workout supplements for runner. The benefit of feeling mentally alert is a bonus. It is easy to digest and immediately converts fat into energy. The recommended dose is from 500-600 mg a day.

Also, if you mix caffeine with carbohydrate, you will have a near miracle post running recovery. Together, they spike the glycogen levels in your body.


There are few supplements which definitely deserve a mention before we end our discussion. These are: iron, sodium phosphate, and fish oil.

Female athletes especially suffer from iron deficiency. They need continued supplementation. The recommended dose is 10gm of iron every day.

Runners need salt supplements for many reasons. It improves your capacity level to run by improving the supply of oxygen and blood to the muscles.

Fish oil reduces muscle soreness and inflammation. It has omega 3 acidswhich is good for protein synthesis. It also improves the response time of amino acids absorption in the body.

So, here we are now, giving you a complete list of best supplements for runners. If you have started jogging, or are keen to take part in the next city marathon, you need supplements.

You can consult a nutrition expert, read on fitness sites like to be aware. It is all at will, isn’t it?

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