If intense weight lifting is your weekly doing, you need muscle rehab attention. Your muscles are subject to wear and tear, so it needs time to recover. Don’t you feel muscle pain, fatigue, ache, or joint pains after a workout? Only in case of strenuous workouts, the level of muscle stress is higher.

Supplement recovery is what you require; but before you know which muscle recovery supplements are for you, it is good to know the biology of it.

Why you need Supplements to help Muscle Recovery?

Recovery supplements are required for muscle repair, reduce muscle tension, prevent muscle breakdown, and at optimum level-for muscle recovery. It doesn’t mean you need couch rest, and gain on calories. If you are a gym junkie, you know that the stretching exercise is not enough.

So, what to do when muscle pain nags you? You don’t wish to interrupt your grueling workout schedule do you? Your answer is; the various supplements to aid your muscle recovery. They are to be taken post work-outs, or in-between your workouts. It is energy replenishment, and you only real bet is supplement recovery.

Supplement feeds your body with extra-nutrients you require to improve your exercise performance. Your post workout recovery is faster, and the allied benefits are, peaceful sleep, body repair, and improved health.

What are Bodybuilding Recovery Supplements?

Recovery supplements consist of health products to help you post work-out. It is taken to replace the lost nutrients during heavy workouts. A good supplement for recovery can be whey protein. It is your safe functional protein investment, which also assist in muscle gain.

However, BCAA (essential amino acids) is your direct investment in muscles. BCAA supplements are essential for bodybuilders as, it increases protein production in your muscles.  There are other muscle recovery aids too. Let us know all the recovery supplements and their exact benefits for your muscle health.

Top Bodybuilding Muscle Recovery Supplements



It is important to understand the fact- amino acids are building blocks of protein in your body. Essential amino acids (type of amino acids) or Branched Chain Amino Acids consisting of (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine) are required to be fed in your body. It has to be externally sources from food or supplements, as your body does not produce it naturally.

It becomes crucial for body builders to take BCAA supplements as only food sources will not help. It is required for faster muscle recovery, and helps in improving your workout performance; reduce muscle soreness, and repair muscle tissue.

It is an intra and post work out supplement, and clearly our top choice. It specifically helps in preventing muscle breakdown and stimulates muscle growth. There are pure BCAA servings available. Go for high content of Leucine which triggers muscle growth. You need to check the content while buying BCAA supplement. Another option is Leucine supplement only.

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2) Glutamine


Among many benefits of Glutamine, recovery is one. It is one of the best muscle recovery supplements, good for post workout recovery. It also prevents muscle wasting. It needs to be consumed immediately after your workout.

Opt for Pure Glutamine to get maximum benefit. Pure Glutamine powder is usually preferred. Powdered version helps you take measured portion, as much as you require in a day.

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3) Whey Protein


Whey protein is your trusted supplement of recovery. Its basic benefits include muscle repair and growth, like any protein. In addition, whey protein has a dependable amino acid profile. A pure, concentrated source of whey protein is rich in BCAA and Glutamine acid.

A high grade Whey protein is one of the best recovery supplements because; it has protein blend. It comprises of Whey protein concentrate (only whey protein) and isolate (BCAA and glutamine acid). It is also a low fat protein source for your body. Take it after your work out.

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4) Carbohydrate Supplement

Carbohydrate Supplements are one of the best supplements to aid muscle. It improves your endurance, strengthens muscles, and is good for muscle hydration. It is a proper post work out supplements, as it sustains your blood glucose level on a grueling day.

Carb supplements require a good combination of Creatine Monohydrate (Creatine is substance in your muscles) and Dextrose Monohydrate (Dextrose is D-glucose). Both complement each other, as Dextrose increases insulin hormone in your body, and is a natural trigger for Creatine production in your muscles.

5) Beta-Alanine


It is an intra workout supplement to improve your performance. It is specifically useful to reduce muscle soreness, and therefore, scores high as one of the best supplements for muscle recovery. Check your nutrient labels for Beta Alanine source, or go for neat Beta Alanine supplements.

6) Multivitamins


Multi-Vitamins is required for overall nutritional health. It supports muscle recovery, improves bone health and consistency, and improves post work out recovery. Multivitamins supplements for muscle recovery are required. Look for vitamin sources like Vitamin D. It is required for healthy bones, and protein synthesis.

7) Creatine


Creatine is your supplement to aid muscle recovery. It will improve your weight training, increase endurance, help in faster muscle growth, aid for protein synthesis, and good for overall muscle health. Opt for pure (fine granules) Creatine Monohydrates as aforementioned.

8) Magnesium

Magnesium is required for strong bones, healthy heart, and therefore important for post work out recovery. Stronger bones mean stronger muscles.

Your source for Supplements that help Muscle Recovery

Our general advice is-know your supplements well. Everyone is required to search the best health product available in the market. A handy tip here is- go online. There are many fitness outlets online, which not only provide you the product, but also offer benefit of information.

You can know the exact nutrient benefit. Who knows, along your search you may learn a bit extra about how to put the supplements to best use. Online health products are safe, genuine, and come with quality guarantee. Besides, you will really feel lucky to crack the best deal in town.

Aren’t you quality and price conscious both?

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