If you want to lose some weight without eating less you’re at the right place. Today we’re bringing you popular nutrients that are burning fat and accelerating weight loss by up to 70%. You wonder how’s that possible? Well, it is. Read on!

It’s a well-known fact that you can lose a lot of weight without restricting any food or starving yourself, actually, this is the most healthy way to weight loss. It’s a smart choice to eat smaller portions multiple times a day and combine it with sense workouts at your gym. There is no secret, fast, weight loss tip that is healthy. It all comes down to working out, eating healthy and taking supplements that will lift your power strength and give you motivation to be consistent and persistent.

Fat Melting Nutrients

Let’s start with the fat-melting nutrients that will put your body into the fat-melting mode and shed your body fat at maximum speed.


Eating proteins will make your body composition better as it keeps hunger in check. In addition, vitamin D and Calcium will keep you preserve your muscle mass, lose fat and pounds. Eating proteins will not only make you lose weight, it will make you stronger as you will end up with more muscles than you had before at the end of your diet. Whey and soy are the best protein supplement for weight loss.



This nutrient will help your body lose weight because it switches on enzymes that induce your cells’ fat-burning. It causes brain to turn down your appetite by improving leptin that signals the brain to switch on a fat burning button. It’s a well-known fact that fish, salmon, for example, is full of Omega-3 and the richest source of this nutrient. Seeds and nuts also hold a fat type that converts to Omega-3 nutrients after consumption.


This is the nutrient that works best when combined with vitamin D. It’s stored in fat cells of your body and it prevents fat from getting into your bloodstream by binding it in your gastrointestinal tract.

Vitamin D


This is a nutrient that makes your body cells react to a hormone called insulin. Its job is to burn glucose from your body cells in order to create energy. When your level of vitamin D is low, then level of PTH (parathyroid hormone) rises and sends your brain a message that you’re not full, causing you to continue eating. If your PTH is higher, it will start a reaction that will make your body fat cells convert into hoarding fat instead of burning it.

Just keep in mind that if you don’t follow our list of taking these nutrients, you may get the opposite effect. Your body metabolism will slow down and your efforts to lose weight and body fat will become futile.

There are also some supplements that will help your body burn even more calories, especially if you’re working out for a longer period of time and it seems like you’re stuck with one number on a scale for a longer period of time. Just keep in mind to take the right supplements, because if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. No professional supplement manufacturer will tell you that you don’t need to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis and that is enough only to take supplements in order to shed pounds. Supplements are here to boost your diet and exercise, and not as a replacement for either.

If you’re eating too much fat and thinking that taking supplements will make you lose weight, well, think again! The only thing you can get is the opposite effect as it can only bloat you. So what’s the bottom line here you ask? Taking supplements require a change in your diet and physical activity.

What’s the Best Supplement for Weight Loss

If you want to know what are the best supplements for weight loss, read our list below:

1) Green Tea based Supplements


Having a cup of green tea itself will probably not going to produce big weight loss, but its stimulant (caffeine) will tell your brain to move more and therefore burn calories. If you’re caffeine intolerant than avoid all supplements based on caffeine, but if not, green tea is best for weight loss supplement too.

2) Carnitine

In order to maximize the burning of fat this supplement will go straight to the place where fat is stored, it will “free” fat and make it easy to travel to your bloodstream and muscles. This is an amino-acid like supplement that helps body fat to get to the cells, there it will be burned and used as fuel for your body. Researchers proved that it.

3) Forskolin

Works the same way as the supplement above and when combined with carnitine, it gives the best results when it comes to weight loss. Forskolin works on enhancing fat loss by triggering the EAC (enzyme adenylate cyclase) that makes series of events that conducts activation of other enzymes such as HSL (hormone sensitive lipase). It increases chances to release the fat stored in the body’s cells into the bloodstream.

If you want to combine forskolin and carnitine do it this way: 1 gram of carnitine on 20 grams of forskolin with breakfast, post-workout and pre-workout meals. The max dosage per day is a combo of 50 grams of forskolin and 3 grams of carnitine.

4) Protein Shakes

If you work out on a regular basis then you know how important is to use protein powders and shakes to stimulate your muscle growth. Did you know that protein shakes also boost fat loss process? Using protein shakes is the best fat loss supplement on the market and even several studies done by the professionals and doctors proven it. The reason why this might be the best weight loss supplement is that it decreases your hunger and makes your brain thinking that you’re “full”. Many studies also show that if you drink a protein shake at least 90 mins before your lunchtime you will eat less and smaller portion.

This isn’t just a protein supplement for women, it is also the best weight loss supplement for men, especially male bodybuilders. It will influence your brain in a manner that your metabolic rate will rest and help burn more body fat and increase muscles. It’s best used right after workout sessions and as a snack between meals.

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