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Best Time To Take Creatine: Pre or Post Workout? | When To Take Creatine?

When it comes to workout, we all love going that extra mile for getting the desired shape of body. But what if your strenuous exercise regime could be boosted a little with supplements? Enter Creatine, a nitrogenous organic acid produced in the liver of the body. The basic task of this acid is to provide energy to each and every muscle cell in the body.

While creatine is naturally produced in the body, when building muscles, it is essential to take in creatine in the form of supplements. Here are some of the other benefits listed out for you to add creatine to your fitness plan:

  • It works in providing you energy while you do high intensity exercises.
  • Creatine boosts muscle growth in the body.
  • According to recent researches, creatine helps in lowering blood sugar levels, hence is effective for diabetic patients.
  • It reduces tiredness in body muscles.

We have already established the fact that, working towards a fitness target by way of exercise is not enough. It requires a controlled diet plan, regular intake of supplements and most important of all is the timing for everything mentioned above. The numerous benefits of taking creatine have already been mentioned but there lies an apprehension around the question “when to take creatine?” But why worry when you have ‘My Fit Fuel’ at your disposal to take care of all your fitness needs.

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When To Take Creatine?

Since working out is not an easy task, everything around it involves a lot of research and a prescribed method for required results. Similarly, creatine works best when taken in phases. The first phase is the “startup phase” wherein the intake is 20 g per day panned out in 4 servings taken up during meal times. The startup phase should be for the duration of 5 days. This should be followed the “maintenance phase”. This phase entails taking in 4-10g of creatine daily.


The phases are the best methods to adopt when taking creatine as supplement. It helps in increasing the intramuscular storage space in the fastest way known. The maintenance phase, true to its name does the upkeep of required creatine in the body while doing extensive workouts.

The quality of supplement also matters in bringing about the desired change in the body. Creatine supplement that has fine grains as its content help in faster absorption and the results can be seen at an early stage. MFF Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh is the finest quality of creatine supplement available in market with utmost purity and fine grains that work best in absorption process of the body.

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Post the quantity intake arises the question of the right time to take creatine. There has been a lot of research around the best time to take creatine. Some of the established instructors prefer taking creatine pre workout, while others have harped on the importance of post work out creatine intake for better muscle building. Let take a look at both the cases.

Case 1: Pre Workout Creatine Intake

The creatine taken in before workout is generally followed by the argument that it helps in providing energy to the muscle cells which in turn works towards exercising with more strength. This has the desired result of muscle gain.

Case 2: Post Workout Creatine Intake

The justification for taking creatine after workout is that it works on the depleted energy within the muscle cells and helps in rapid restoration of the cells for the ultimate goal of muscle gain. Moreover, some of the studies have shown positive results in post workout creatine intake when coupled with protein shake.

The “take creatine after your workout” case seemed to receive a big boost last year in the form of a study published in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.”

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My Fit Fuel Advice

Anticipating both the sides of the coin, having read a lot of research done on this topic, and with our own in house experts for fitness we recommend that the time to take creatine is around 30 minutes to 1 hour before your training session and immediately post-workout alongside your protein shake. The natural creatine produced by body gets depleted very soon with the daily routine thus taking creatine supplements before and after workout is suggested by the ‘MyFitFuel’ experts.

Taking creatine before workout allows it to be digested and put to use by the body. This helps in making your body stronger and sturdier for the workout sessions. With the right amount of creatine taken at the right time you would be able to lift heavier weights and strain your body for longer span of time without getting exhausted.

The post workout creatine helps in maximizing the effect of the exercise sessions by reviving the body from the strenuous workout and extracting the most energy to give desired response within the muscle cells. Thus the after workout creatine helps in replenishing, recovering and getting stronger.

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