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Best Time to take, When to take and How to take Casein Protein

The British Dietetic association (BDA) released a report stating that thousand of people are taking protein supplement as a substitute and not as a supplement, and this survey has once again hit the headlines with questions on protein supplement; especially the popular ones like whey and casein.

It is true though that many people are not well aware of the dose, body’s requirement, and time to take the protein supplement. As mentioned in the survey, some of us think that supplementing could be a quick source of nutrition.

But, this notion deserves a complete discard! Supplementing is meant to fulfill the additional protein requirement by the athletes and bodybuilders because of intense training. Let us discuss in detail the best time to take, when to take, and how to take casein protein supplement.

Just in case, if you are not well aware of the casein supplement, its benefits, how is it manufactured, etc. suggest to read the article on- What is Casein Protein & its Benefits.


Best Time to take Casein Protein

Casein protein can be taken with any meal and any time of the day. It is a slow digesting supplement and keeps us full for longer time. When you want to take long stretches without a complete or heavy meal, casein can be well taken with snacks. For example, MFF Calcium Caseinate 90 is made from casein derived from fresh milk and it provides 90 percent and more protein in each dose for growth and repair of the muscular tissue.

Taking casein before going to bed is the best time to take casein protein because when we sleep, our body does the repairing on the worn out and strained tissues due to any physical activities during the entire day. Taking casein protein shake before bed can boost the muscle metabolism; the body has enough supply of nutrition through out, and so you won’t tired the following day.

Also, taking casein few hours prior to workouts is considered a good time to take casein protein so as to ensure the sufficient supply of amino acids to the body tissues during the training.

Unlike whey, which is considered as the best post workout supplement, casein is suitable more on the “pre-time,” simply put- pre workout, pre-bed, and in between meals. For more information about when to take whey and when to take casein protein, please go through the article on- Casein vs Whey Protein.

When to take Casein Protein


There is no hard and fast rule on taking casein only during a specific period of time. It can be taken before workout, before going to bed, and in between the meals. Let’s take each of the above mentioned time to take casein and highlight the benefits of taking casein during that particular time.

Casein Before Workout

As mentioned earlier, taking casein few hours before workout ensures adequate supply of amino acids during the entire training session. However, for immediate release of energy before workout, whey is preferred.

Casein Before Sleeping

Taking casein before going to bed helps in recovering the tissues (strain, blots, etc due to training haps) and muscle protein synthesis. While sleeping, the body’s metabolism is at rest, hence it is a good time to consume casein for slow and steady infusion of contained amino acids throughout the sleep.

We have a detailed study on effects of taking casein before sleeping on the write-up: Casein Protein before Bed.

Casein in between Meals

Casein makes you feel fuller for longer time, as it is a slow digesting protein. Hence, especially when you want to lose body fats, taking casein in between meals will prevent excess and frequent diet; since you won’t feel hungry and get dragged towards junk food.

It should be noted that casein protein is derived from milk, so the people who are allergic to milk and the people with lactose intolerance should avoid consuming casein at any time and in any amount.

How to take Casein Protein

There is no strict preparation required for taking casein protein. It comes in a powdered form, and can be taken with milk or water as easy as shake and take! Like other protein supplements like whey, soy, or peas; they can be taken along with other undergoing supplement routine.

The suggested casein protein dosage is calculated in relation to the dietary supplement goals and how much protein is gained through regular food sources. The protein requirement varies from person to person, but to give a broad idea, let’s jot two standard dosages-

  • If you are an athlete or trainer and trying to lose body fat but want to preserve lean muscle mass, than a daily casein dose of 1.5 to 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight is good.
  • If you are sedentary and do not want to change the body composition, 0.8 to 1.0 gram of casein supplement per kilogram of body weight is sufficient.

A Quick Recipe for making Casein Protein Shake:

  1. Pour 350 ml of milk or water in blender or shaker
  2. Add one scoop of casein protein powder supplement
  3. Blend (if you are using electric blender) for approximately 10 seconds or shake (If you are using manual shaker) for 20 to 30 seconds
  4. Consume immediately

So friends, we hope that your doubts with best time to take casein protein supplement is clear. Like the experts say- It is better not to take them to take it wrong; before starting a routine one should properly understand the body’s requirement. And there is no harm in asking even the slightest of doubts with your trainer, expert, or at the forums. (Really online forums are doing a great job of uniting people with same interests and reducing dependency over a single source of information, Isn’t it?)

If you have queries and even suggestions for the fellow bodybuilders, do not forget to drop in the comment in the section below.

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