I always find it interesting to dwell about bodybuilding supplements especially if I find it convincing at the first glance. So, here I am today, ready to discuss on beta alanine benefits.

If I am saying bodybuilding and supplements together, it means that the beta alanine powder benefits are for the gym-struck people.  A bodybuilding supplement has no meaning, otherwise. Yet, it is not that simple always, is it?

Every bodybuilding supplement has its own styling, composition, reasoning or its effect on us, for example and then, only do we find it worth our time and effort. Without knowing the science of it, even a protein supplement may not seem trust- worthy. I am already feeling curious to tell you about beta alanine uses and my prepared list of many beta alanine benefits for muscle-building.

So, let us get talking on the subject right away.

What is Beta Alanine

There is no beginning if we don’t start from the very basic. Which in my opinion is- defining what is beta alanine?

It is a non-essential amino acid which is used as a supplement to improve workout performance by increasing endurance and thus, help in building lean muscle mass.

Beta alanine is not related to protein synthesis in the body. Instead, it produces carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine is a non-essential amino acid itself and is made of alanine and histidine (both of which are non-essential amino acids). Therefore, a rise in the level of alanine increases the content of carnosine stored in the whole body or, muscles, for example.

But, how does carnosine help us?

It is a natural anti-oxidant. In short, it destroys the free radicals and protects the muscle cells from any damage. It even neutralises the effect of free radicals in our body cells and protect our cells or initiate cell repair. The human brain uses carnosine to repair tissues and wash away the toxins.

To find out more on beta alanine (and carnosine) fitness action, let us understand the beta alanine uses in detail.

Uses of Beta Alanine


It is a sports supplement recommended for those who wish to train harder as beta alanine increases stamina, muscle development and help in gaining quicker results.

The workout beta alanine uses are directly related to raising muscle carnosine concentrations. Like I mentioned earlier, alanine is the limiting amino acid in carnosine production and any increase in its content leads to improved carnosine muscle levels.

Those who experience muscle burning can take advantage of beta alanine benefits. It reduces the time you need to take rest between sets and recover faster to do the next round of muscle lifting.

Let me tell you how?

You know how it is to feel that muscle burn in between lifting sets, leading to muscle fatigue and then, muscular failure.

It happens so because your muscle pH (indicating the acidity level) drops and hydrogen ions (H+) increases due to the breakdown of ATP. Excess H+ release means more lactic acid and a further drop in the muscle pH levels, leading to energy drop and weakening of muscle strength and endurance.

Carnosine absorbs H+ and keeps the pH range in check. Beta alanine uses carnosine to the maximum level, this, helping you do higher intensity workouts in each day.


Benefits of Beta Alanine

Here is a quick read through of beta alanine powder benefits to help you and me in workout action.

1) Enhanced workout performance

One of the prime beta alanine powder benefits is its direct effect on increasing the intra-muscular strength through raising carnosine levels in the muscle tissues.

It reduces muscle fatigue by decreasing the level of lactic acid (hydrogen ions) accumulation in muscle tissues during gruelling training hours specifically for the bodybuilders.

2) Improve physical performance

There is a direct relationship between increased carnosine muscle content and high performance during intense exercising. In other words, beta alanine benefits us by increasing our exercise capacity and help us gym longer.

This principle of increased stamina or energy levels is specially for the bodybuilders as well for the cardio fitness as beta alanine benefits include an increase in whole-body muscular endurance, in effect, when you run on the treadmill for longer hours.

3) Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance

Beta alanine supplementation also supports anaerobic exercising (muscles performing at its peak when oxygen levels are depleting) practiced by bodybuilders to build muscle mass.

In short, it helps bodybuilders to build muscle mass in shorter duration and in quick time. It generates great muscle energy to achieve results in shorter duration performance (starting from few seconds to 2 minutes of high resistance training).

4) It significantly builds Muscle Mass

If you need supplements to improve your short duration, high intensity muscle building performance, beta alanine powder benefits are immense, as I mentioned above. More importantly, it is a dependable supplement for consistent performance during long months of training.

To benefit reasonably, it is crucial to note that beta alanine improves resistance training endurance for workouts over one minute. Below 60 seconds, the muscle energy system depends upon ATP and post it, it is beta alanine which action after your muscles exhaust the ATP levels.


Before I end our topic of discussion today, I will let you know—how much beta alanine powder benefits the muscles. In short, the recommended daily dosage. 4.8 grams of beta alanine supplementation daily for a month can considerably raise carnosine levels in the muscles, anywhere between 40%-60%.

Now that we know the beta alanine benefits for bodybuilding, it is also important to remember that beta alanine supplementation works for overall athletic performance, in improving body strength, power and of course, muscular endurance.

So, it is as a good a supplement for running as it is good for bodybuilding. The muscle training requires us to stay focussed on supplements like beta alanine, so stay tuned-in to find out more about the wonderful world of the gym- aids like beta alanine. Wishing you a happy gym experience, always!

Keyur Malani

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