If you ever ask a newbie gym goer about what he wants to become and how he intends to look like and the most likely name you will get to hear – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only did he inspire many youngsters to lift but also earned a great fan following by his movies. Be it Terminator series or Commando or even Predator, Arnie always wanted us to learn a thing or two about bodybuilding from his films. Here they are –

1) If there’s anything that is more important than working out it is – Recovery period.

Of course, everyone loves to workout. And why shouldn’t they? There’s absolutely no problem in your training routine until you don’t have enough recovery period included. And when you don’t get enough rest after your workout, you are soon going to run out of all body resources and call it quits. Decide what’s better – Working out for long by including a couple of rest days in your routine or calling off the journey halfway?

What Arnold taught us wasTrain no more than 4-5 days per week. Also, get in a recovery week which consists of light weights after every 4-5 weeks of heavy lifting.

2) Stretching does matter (more importantly after a workout)

Jumping onto the bench press straight after entering the gym is another big mistake that almost every beginner makes. In an urge to build muscles faster, they often skip stretching before and after the training session.

The stretching that Arnold wants you to do is – Dynamic stretching. Refrain from any static stretching before lifting weights as it may dampen your performance during the workout.

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3) There’s a thing called – Warm Up

Elaborating the previous, Warming up is an integral part of every champion bodybuilder. And if you wish to be one such, you have to train accordingly. There’s a reason why you see every great bodybuilder emphasis on warming up before lifting weights and it is – Warming up not only helps you get a good pump before lifting but more fundamentally it minimizes the chances of getting injured during the workout.

4) Don’t only PLAN but FOLLOW.

If only planning were necessary, everyone would have been as great as Arnold, Coleman and many others. What’s more important than planning is to FOLLOW.

Here are some tips you would love to consider –

In the beginning, don’t make a workout plan that’s too difficult to follow. Instead, start from the zero, i.e., with the easiest plan you can follow and then gradually make it tough. So, by the time, you will develop a habit of going hard at everything that comes your way and never giving up.

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5) Bodybuilding is not just a milestone. It’s a Lifestyle.

After years of training when one sees a cover of strong muscles on his body which he always wished to grow makes him feel satisfied. Satisfaction can otherwise be called as Milestones.

But, Bodybuilding is all different. Bodybuilding is about following the routine, eating clean, embracing all the tough situations; all in all, it’s a Lifestyle.

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