Bodybuilding Supplements– the word that gets everyone talking. Everyone has their own say, some know the truth while others don’t.

There are a lot of suppositions about the use of supplements and many of them are result of false claims and blind perception. But not anymore.

Here’s the truth behind some of the common bodybuilding supplement myths you hear every now and then.Strong-back

“Bro, I follow a good diet plan. I really don’t need supplements.”

True unless you don’t want to get those much needed extra gains that everyone are jealous of. A balanced diet is, of course, a very necessity for your bodybuilding goals, but it not, necessarily ensures that you get all those muscle building nutrients in right proportion. Bodybuilding supplements, on the other hand, not only guarantees you improved performance and strength, but more importantly, they also help meeting up daily nutrients requirement. FYI even Arnold Schwarzenegger, used to include a couple of protein shakes to his diet to meet up his daily protein requirement.

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What if Whey Protein supplement made me fat?”

Many a times we have heard people complain of how bodybuilding supplements especially Whey Protein is making them fat. But there’s hardly any truth in their claims.

The truth is, not Whey but other extra calories you take throughout the day makes you gain significant weight. Also, Whey protein is considered as one of the best source of protein for athletes and you certainly don’t wish to discourage the gains which come your way. Sacrificing whey protein for some irrelevant claims will only make your bodybuilding journey more difficult.Toned-body

Even if I don’t workout, Bodybuilding supplements will still improve my muscles.”

Another lame claim by many beginners who rely solely on bodybuilding supplements rather than working their ass off. Well my friend, the way you interpret the word ‘supplements’ makes a great difference in your viewpoint towards fitness. Bodybuilding supplements are kind of add-ons which are utterly essential for growth but to get those otherworldly gains, you need to give in more than 100% in your training each and every time.

Know that there is no shortcut to Fitness. Also, keep in mind that, supplements are not magic pills, they will never ever show desired results until you go out there and work for it.

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“I have heard that Bodybuilding supplements like Creatine damages Kidney.”

That’s all a lie, fellas. There are several studies which make this claim look nothing but a big fat misconception. In one such study, individuals were given a 20 gram of Creatine dosage for a week and found almost no alterations in kidney functioning.

So for next time when you hear someone describing how dangerous creatine is, make sure that you get his facts correct.

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