Casein protein is an important protein found in milk. Almost 80 percent of protein in cow’s milk is casein. Just like whey protein, they also contain a bunch of amino acids, which are useful for the muscular growth.

Casein is naturally found in the other food groups like cheese, yogurt, tuna fish, etc. The natural casein substrate is often denatured due to heating and pasteurization of the dairy products.

Taking casein supplements becomes necessary because- with the increase the intensity of training and with the increase in muscular mass; body requires more protein to sustain the developments.

Casein Protein Shake before Bed: Why to take it?

While sleeping, the body’s metabolism halts in the absence of any food to digest. Taking casein protein shake before bed can help in boosting the muscular metabolism, which means greater muscle gain. Also, casein protein is absorbed slower in our body than whey protein. It therefore keeps feeding the muscle while you are asleep.

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Why to take Casein Protein before Bed?

Now, you might be wondering why to take casein protein before bed, as we all are of the opinion that our body needs rest at night.

Well, our body needs rest and a sound sleep at night because this is the time when the body heals and repairs the tissues; so that you feel fit the next day. When you take casein protein supplement at night, before going to bed, it helps in rebuilding the tissues which got strained with your workouts. And that is why; casein is also called as ‘night protein’.

Is Casein better than Whey to drink before Bed?


Casein and whey protein, both are dairy derivative, both contain amino acids, but still, casein is better than whey to drink before bed because-

Comparatively, whey gets absorbed by the body faster than casein protein. Since the body takes time to digest casein, this ensures steady flow of amino acids to the muscles throughout sleep hours. In fact, immediately before going to bed is the best time to take casein.

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How much Casein Protein before Bed?

Experts suggest that taking 1 gram casein protein per pound of body weight is essential to increase muscle volume.

(1 kilogram=2.2 pounds; therefore 2.2 grams casein protein is required per kilogram of your body weight)

Hence it is a good practice to take one scoop (approximately 30 grams) of casein protein with water before going to bed.

For example, MFF Calcium Caseinate 90 is made of pure casein, which provides 90 percent pure protein in every serving. One scoop (32 gram) of it provides 28 grams protein and taking 1-2 servings a day is ideal for growth and repair of muscle tissues.

When to take Casein Protein?

Honestly, asking when to take casein protein is superficial; because, casein can be taken any time in the day depending on your requirement. Let us explain the benefits of taking casein protein during different times-

After workout

Taking casein supplement after workout can benefit by providing nutrition to the muscles for growth and repair of tissues.

Before sleep

This can help to keep the body’s metabolism active even at the sleep hours and thus results in greater gain in muscular mass.

After waking up

Taking casein as the first meal of the day can keep you full for a long time (since it gets digested slower). This is a suitable time to take casein for the trainers who are working out to lose weight.

Before workout

Since, casein contains a bunch of amino acids; they promote the anabolic activity in our body. Anabolic activity includes the construction of muscles along with storing energy. Therefore, taking casein before workout helps in improving stamina for workouts.

So, friends what are the changes you observed in your body; when who you started taking casein protein in your diet routine.

Do not forget to share your experiences in the comments below!

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