At some point in our life, most of us get stuck in the same tedious and dull life and eventually it spreads to all other activities we do like fitness. You can either suffer or as I would suggest, you can fight back to change up your boring life, if not workout routine. Here are four training tips that will help you amp up your workout for good

 Produce a mind-muscle connection.

Barbell curls

There are many ways to execute an exercise in a wrong way while there’s only one way to do it right. That one way optimises mind and muscle both at the same time.

Most of the people during an initial stage of bodybuilding lift just for the sake of lifting. They overlook the importance of developing a mind muscle connection and only curl the weight from starting point to a final position. Without proper contraction in the muscles, you are never going to grow no matter how much weight you lift.

An ideal way to perform any exercise, be it barbell curls or military presses or even take your favourite bench presses is by feeling the proper contraction in the targeted muscle and thereby developing a mind muscle connection.

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Don’t be monotonous.


Lack of knowledge accompanied by fear of failure makes us a dull person. And in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, a tedious person can be defined as one who does not change his workout routine even after seeing no signs of growth since months. Don’t be one such.

Try new exercise which targets the muscles at a different angle or let’s only say try something that makes your ass uncomfortable because you can’t build a champ physique with your hands in your pocket.

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Know what works and what doesn’t.


It’s not necessary for any exercise to produce the same pump and results on everyone. What works for me, may not work for others. It’s up to every individual to know and choose the exercise which works for them and leaves those which do not generate desired results.

You should not be doing those exercises just because a huge guy in your gym does or your trainer has strictly advised you to follow what he says regardless of the results you wish. NO way!

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Switch up things.


You don’t perform squats because you think they are tough and people will laugh at you if you fail?

Hell NO.

Ever wondered why all the professional bodybuilders have well conditioned and symmetrical physique? Here’s the reason – Most of the PRO bodybuilders change or include new training methods in their workout routine after every 6-8 weeks. Moreover, you can also see them hitting every muscle group at different angles just to produce a more defined and symmetrical look. I hope you have now found a reason to why you should be trying up new exercises and change up your monotonous workout routine.

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