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Citrulline Malate Dosage: When to take & How to take

Citrulline malate is one of the preferred gym-supplements to boost workout performance today.

To quickly refresh your memory, citrulline is a non-essential amino acid, which has been converted into a useful supplement, only and only for the aspiring six-pack abs kinds. It is of no use to people who do not identify themselves as bodybuilders or cutting for lean muscles. Never mind the regular gym-junkies!

Even though it is ‘The’ supplement for bodybuilders, there is still a right amount of citrulline malate dosage for you. Wondering why? The logic is still the same. Depending upon your exact effort in the gym, you need to moderate the citrulline malate dosage.

Too much can be bad and an under-dose will not help you get the maximum benefits of the supplement.

On the other hand, the right level of citrulline malate dosage can dramatically improve your workout performance. Also, just like any other supplement, there is the science of when to take citrulline malate or how to take citrulline malate. Find out now.

When to take Citrulline Malate

I am addressing this point first because I need to re-emphasise the fact that only and only if you are planning to invest regular (daily) time doing a strenuous workout, it makes absolute sense to dig into the world of citrulline malate dosage.

If you do, then look no further! There are no two ways about-when to take citrulline malate- if you are committed to getting a lean physique.

Bodybuilders can increase the citrulline malate dosage during the cutting phase. This is the time when your muscles may be at risk of getting insufficient nutrition since you are consuming fewer calories. At the same time, you are exercising harder leaving your muscles under stress.

Besides, your ultimate objective is to build muscle mass and citrulline malate is a perfect fitment to improve muscle metabolism, increasing training endurance and to keep your muscles free from unwanted substances like lactic acid build up and ammonia (categorised as metabolic waste), helping you do a comfortable workout.

A citrulline malate dosage is therefore recommendable for individuals who need to propel more repetitions and enable faster muscle recovery during and post workouts. Do it if you are seriously vested in muscle growth.

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Best Time to take Citrulline Malate


If we go by what has been discussed so far, it is easy to say that the best time to take citrulline malate is pre-workout. It should be 30-40 minutes before you start the workout. It will pump-up your performance for the day.

Having said that, it is also important for me to answer the question on the best time to take citrulline malate a bit more holistically.

That citrulline malate should be taken on empty stomach before you begin the workout. You need the more citrulline malate dosage first thing in the morning or before going to bed. Citrulline Malate dosage is best on an empty stomach since it offers optimal absorption. Also, it won’t bother your stomach when consumed without food.

The recommended citrulline malate dosage is 6-10 grams in 24 hours. You can split the daily citrulline malate dosage and take it in the morning, pre-workout, and before bed preferably. I leave it to you to decide on three or four times in 24 hours. 6 grams may be enough depending upon your workout schedule.

Still, the best time to take citrulline malate is pre-workout on an empty stomach.


How to take Citrulline Malate

The recommended citrulline malate dosage is a minimum of 6 grams up to 18 grams in a 24 hours window. The question- how to take citrulline malate- is to focus on how to split the doses and much in a single dose of the supplement.

The best time to take citrulline malate is before workouts. The optimum citrulline malate dosage, before exercising, is 6-8 grams. It will release the health properties of the supplement to benefit your muscles and your overall performance.

Start with this single dose in the beginning and if you feel no effects of this (6 gram) citrulline malate dosage, shift it to 8-10 grams single dose.

Always begin with a low dosage in the beginning to know your supplement tolerance. A single dose of 6 grams can be still heavy and you must choose to split it into before or post workout, as citrulline malate dosage helps the muscles recover faster and replenish your dropping glycogen level.


The supplement protocol-have it only if you burn it- continues to apply on citrulline malate dosage. The only twist here is not to have the supplement at all if you are not bodybuilding investing serious time and effort.

Also, it is you who must decide how to take citrulline malate dosage. If you are working hard and feel the need to improve your performance, help is a supplement away with a measured citrulline malate dosage.

Till then, hold on to the supplement or start planning to stretch yourself off-the-limits, since you know the perfect citrulline malate dosage to push-up, do you?

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