We often try and focus on the benefits of good over the bad and the same principle applies to gym supplements. Specifically, we are always on a lookout for supplements which have low fat, good fat or no fat at all.

In short, we might still prefer to ignore fat from our bodybuilding diet. Carbs and fat, together, are of least priority for us, especially when it comes to buying supplements to get that cut build. Then, it is likely that we have still not considered the facts (of healthy fat) purposefully.

So, how about a supplement (a fatty acid) like CLA which helps you burn more fat? Many studies prove that CLA benefits in the context of reduced body fat mass and increased lean muscle mass are common. Now, isn’t it strange to think about a fatty acid and its benefit of building muscle mass or reducing the fat in the body?

So, continue reading on the CLA supplement benefits to gain an insight into one of the most intriguing supplements in the world of gym training; perhaps, like me, you may too find it interesting to see how CLA really delivers and this includes CLA benefits for weight loss.


What is CLA?

To say it upfront; CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid. It is a naturally occurring substance consisting of good fat. CLA is obtained from natural sources like you can source it from the diet by including meat, dairy products or cheese, a few examples. It is prepared using natural ingredients only.

Then, why do you need CLA benefits through supplementation if you can obtain it from your diet? My point is, why do we need an extra dose of fat- be it good or bad- through supplements at least?

The answer lies in CLA supplement benefits. CLA is linked to omega-6 fatty acids: it is a slightly altered form of omega-6 and has a host of benefits like improved metabolic rates, strengthened the immune system and more importantly, CLA benefits by keeping the cholesterol levels in check.

An increase in CLA feed to your body should be met through supplements only, which has a high portion of good fat to assist you during intense training.

To convince you further on why you need CLA supplement benefits or good fat source like CLA for bodybuilding, I am going to discuss the various CLA benefits now.

Benefits of CLA supplement

1) It is a Fat Burner


It is one of the main CLA supplement benefits which makes it a rather must-have supplement for a bodybuilder. CLA reduces body fat and works even better for people who do regular and extensive exercising.

CLA supports body fat loss by initiating a host of biochemical reactions in a human body. These reactions improve an individual’s metabolism, burning stored fat and therefore, helping you lose the excess weight.

It is important to note that CLA burns more body fat than the fat [calories] you consume from food.

2) Helps in Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

A bodybuilder, like you and me, must prefer CLA supplementation for its ability to improve the lean mass to body fat ratio. Its effect is specifically visible through a) reduced fat deposition on the abdomen and b) enhanced muscle growth.

Now, if you are wondering how a fatty acid can build more muscles, it is important to understand the CLA reaction to body fat when we consume the supplement.

CLA increases insulin sensitivity, which in turn, accelerates fat loss. Insulin is a hormone which monitors your blood sugar levels or glucose levels. An increase in insulin sensitivity is important to measure the level of glucose metabolism in the cells.

To put it in fitness perspective, I will explain in the context of the muscle cell membranes. Increase in insulin sensitivity means that fatty acids and glucose are better regulated and can stay away from the fat tissue in the muscle cells rather than getting deposited as stored muscle fat.

So, once the fat is regulated, there is an improvement in the muscle to fat ratio. CLA supplement benefits make it easier for you to shed weight by regulating fat metabolism.

3) Helps in Faster Muscle Recovery

The list of CLA induces anabolic effects. Post a hard workout, our muscles are deprived of energy and in a continuous state of repairing of damaged tissues. Anabolism is described as the process of regenerating the damaged muscle tissues, by creating new cells or by maintaining the health of existing tissues.

CLA benefits include stimulating anabolism, in other words, CLA supplementation will benefit your post-workout muscle recovery mechanism. CLA also prevents muscle tissue metabolising, therefore, preserving the muscle mass you have built, by reducing muscle waste.

4) CLA is a Powerful Antioxidant

CLA is a natural and a powerful anti-oxidant. CLA benefits include reducing oxidative stress or damage of cells due to free radicals. The supplement protects your muscles cells from any attack from free radicals by destroying it (free radicals).

One may not think about oxidative stress as a serious issue concerning bodybuilding. But, it should be considered closely, especially for people who undergo intense exercising or endurance training.

During extreme exercising, oxidative stress is at its maximum, beyond the normal, healthy limits. This high level of oxidative stress means your cells and tissues are under continuous damage, increasing your risk of developing serious medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or even a life-threat.

So, at one glance, oxidative stress may not seem like a big concern for bodybuilders, yet in a holistic way, it does and so it makes it to my list of CLA supplement benefits.

5) CLA improves Immunity

CLA benefits include strengthening immunity.

Building immunity is particularly important during the cutting phase when the body is under continued strain because of exercising and dieting together. An immune boost-up helps in channelizing positive energies and keeping you on the right side of fitness and muscle building.


It has been interesting for me to get to know so much more about a good fat source, or CLA benefits.

Like any other supplement, CLA benefits can be achieved by maintaining a proper dosing. Overdosing of any sort of fat, even CLA can do you more harm than good, especially if it is not purposed for bodybuilding benefits.

3-7 grams is the recommended dose to get CLA supplement benefits and it has to be appropriately matched with following a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercising/bodybuilding schedule to get the CLA benefits in proportion.

Again, I say, that by rotating your gym supplements and by taking advantage of each supplement like CLA, only in calculated doses, can we really realise the value of each supplement. This is the exact reason why I like to research on a variety of supplements to give you as much information to maximise muscles.

So, don’t you like the good fat a bit more now?

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