Colostrum is the first nutrient, dense yellowish coloured milk which is produced by female mammals including humans after giving birth to their young ones. Its role is to ensure the complete development of the young one’s gut and to strengthen the immunity against infection by providing antibodies, antimicrobials and anti-oxidative factors. The level of antibody in colostrum are 100 times greater than that of milk which is secreted later after 4 days of giving birth.

Commercially available colostrum is usually obtained from cow’s milk (bovine colostrum). Supplemental colostrum is quite a common practice among athletes and bodybuilders because colostrum is not only a well-known source of whey but is a far richer source of immunoglobulins. Colostrum is high in protein and much lower in fat and total carbohydrate than milk. It has 98% absorption rate which is extremely bioavailable, like whey protein. That’s why, colostrum is considered more anabolic than whey protein.

Colostrum is also rich in growth factors including IGF-1 which stimulates muscle growth, boosts endurance and strength while enhancing their metabolic rate by increasing the levels of fatty acids in the blood thus staving off hunger to aid weight loss. It has 87 more growth factors besides IGF which communicate with other cells to start growth of lean tissue including muscle, connective tissue, shin and bone. Colostrum increases stamina by its muscle buffering capacity by neutralizing the acid forms in the muscles after the ability for muscles after high-intensity training, hence fighting off fatigue.

Colostrum supplements also reduce the levels of creatine kinase in the blood which is released by damaged muscle cells hence colostrums supplement serves to decrease the severity of muscle trauma.

Ideally the recommended serving size of commercially available colostrum supplements is around 3-to-6 grams.

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