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Creatine Cycle and Creatine Loading: Is It Necessary?

Creatine monohydrate is a popular gym supplement today and is effectively used by bodybuilders, who are looking to gain some lean fat mass during the high muscle training phase, with the benefit of increasing their endurance level during heavy workouts.

If you wish to know exactly why or how much of creatine dose you require, let us first understand –the creatine cycle and its different types.

Do I need to Cycle Creatine?

Some bodybuilders might think that they are overdoing this supplement so there is a need to break that pattern. You can stop worrying and stay away from this stress because creatine is a very safe supplement with no side effects.

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Others argue that your body naturally produces creatine and therefore, it is good to stop the supplementation for a brief time so that your body can gain its natural course of production of creatine. However, there is still no scientific evidence to prove this theory really except the true fact that your body does stop the natural production of creatine (1-2 gram) it produces if you depend on supplements.
So, is it necessary to cycle creatine? And your answer is a yes and a no both.

Read ahead as we answer the why and why not’s especially when we know creatine is a safe supplement which can be had regularly.


Why do you Cycle Creatine?

It is no exaggeration to say that creatine is a supplement with training protocols. It has a special effect on your training type and this means, that you cannot consume it mindlessly.

One reason why bodybuilders love creatine is because it is a good energy source. And, this is exactly why your creatine supplementation needs to follow the cycle, as it makes sense to take it only depending upon your effort in the gym.

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This brings me directly to the point of the single logic of following a creatine cycle: to make it effective during heavy workouts. Without heavy muscle training, it is not going to make much of difference to your body, and on the contrary, you might end up appearing fatter because creatine increases water retention in the body.

The thumb rule of creatine consumption is-optimal performance, so don’t commit a mistake by consuming creatine casually or without understanding the cycle of creatine.

What is Creatine Cycling and how is it different from creatine loading?


Creatine is at its best when you are doing super heavy-weight training and depending upon your diet and gym performance, you can follow a creatine cycle of Loading phase, Maintenance phase, and No creatine phase.

It is a neat extension of my logic that bodybuilders need a creatine cycle schedule based on the scientific facts of its supplementation and how you body receives it, during various stages of muscle building including workout timings.

So, a creatine cycle schedule is, about how much creatine to consume and when to consume it.

I am picking up creatine loading vs. creatine cycle because people associate creatine during the bulking phase and may tend to confuse creatine on cycle with creatine loading. In actual, creatine loading is just the first phase of a creatine cycle.

During its loading phase, you can consume 20-25 grams of creatine for a week. You can achieve so by taking 4-5 grams of small bouts during creatine on cycle phase. It is not necessary but it is safe and good, especially when you accelerate your training and your ultimate objective is to build lean muscle mass a bit faster.

And, to answer your question directly, a creatine cycle is not about creatine loading only. It is also about creatine cycle off and we discuss ahead in the article, the types of creatine cycle now.

Types of Creatine Cycle

Loading phase

The creatine loading cycle, in practice, is the preferred way for athletes and bodybuilders, to saturate muscles with creatine. But, it is not necessary. The only reason to do a heavy dose of creatine every day is to make your muscles look fuller and leaner quickly.

Read more about the benefits of loading phase here.

Loading is an important part of the creatine cycle schedule, and you need to consume a good amount of creatine monohydrate powder [for at least 7 days or more] during this time. You maximize the creatine storage in the muscles and it is likely, you will reach the saturation points within the 7 days period.

You also need to divide your time every day to get the maximum benefit out of your nutrition regime. Take creatine monohydrate powder, as soon as you get up in the morning, during lunch, and continue taking it as a pre-workout supplement and then, after the workout.

Now that you depend too much on creatine for your fitness and especially when you are loading, make sure to have it safely and with care. This can only be achieved, if you buy a certified product like the MFF Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh.

Maintenance phase

As mentioned before, loading phase is not necessary and should be followed at personal discretion. It is always good to practice a steady approach, which brings us to the maintenance phase of the creatine cycle schedule. This part of the creatine cycle needs you to take about 5 grams a day for a 28 period.

Why I say 28 days is because researchers have proved that a 28 days creatine cycle of 5 grams a day is equivalent to the loading phase of 7 days. In other words, the outcome is the same, which is muscle store value of

Creatine Cycle off

If you ask me – should I cycle off creatine -my answer would be a yes. And, it is not because creatine supplementation has any side effects or is harmful for your health, I say it because, cycle off creatine helps you to washout the substance from your gut for a brief period.

This statement reiterates a scientific view on creatine consumption. Some studies suggest that the-creatine cycle off- puts your kidney to rest. However, I again say, that this supplement is good for your muscular health with zero side-effects.


To sum up our discussion on creatine cycling, I would like to add (with caution) that there really is no need to cycle creatine.

A steady approach is the best way to its supplementation. Still, different people have different requirements and if you are going through a grueling workout phase, it is recommendable to follow the best creatine cycle (as I shared through this article today).

You likely know that is good to pair creatine with carbs or protein powder to better your glycogen index and thus, make creatine more effective. It is good to have creatine post workouts because it spikes your insulin level instantly and also, maintains your creatine muscle storage at a maximum level.

I end my article on a positive note about creatine cycle or everything to do with creatine supplementation, only and only if you buy it safe and smart, with a product like MFF Creatine Monohydrate Powder, will you?

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