Dear Ladies, you would be happy to know Ms Catharine Beecher, an American educationist, who pioneered the essence of physical education among women in the 18th century.

Before, womanhood was associated with tenderness, unlike today’s strong and independent women. The rest is history! And today we are better aware of the glares of the fitness industry.

As the people are becoming more aware of the importance of exercises and greatly increasing inclination towards sports, a number of supplements are available in the market for the fitness enthusiasts. Creatine is one of the most popular supplements to improve stamina for the workouts.

Still, it is believed that creatine is meant for men, which is a total myth! Creatine is as much beneficial for women. But before, are you wondering- what actually is creatine? Let’s go ahead with it.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a combination of three amino acids- glycine, arginine, and methionine; which are synthesized into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which acts as a energy repository for supplying energy during the training. It is naturally found in our body and can be taken externally to match up the increased requirement of energy due to intense training.

Well, if that looks too much of chemistry, then simply put, creatine supplement allows us to exercise more strenuously and to recover from workout strains faster.

Also, there is a misconception that creatine makes us stronger and more muscular. In fact, creatine gives ability to train harder i.e. it works indirectly for improving strength and developing muscles.

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Does Creatine helps Women?


As mentioned earlier, fitness industry was dominated by men since the ancient times. Say the reason being battle the men had to fight, or the heavy sports they are into; it is now since a few decades that women are matching steps with men in the fields which include physical training. As the exertion level for men and women are almost same, so is the nutritional requirement. Hence, creatine for women has equal importance as that for men.

Many women think that creatine supplement would make them big, bloated, and bulky. But, folks that’s absolutely not true.

Creatine gives energy and builds stamina to exert more and thus, with surplus energy, you would be always excited to perform. Even during the menstruation week, which pulls backs women from taking any physical activities, taking creatine supplement daily would only encourage to follow up with the routine.

In a nutshell, creatine helps women by-

  • Reducing fatigue
  • Improving endurance
  • Giving strength and power during intense training
  • Improving recovery of the strained tissues

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Perfect Creatine Dosage for Women

The amount of supplement that one should take is as important as the type and quality of supplement one is taking around. Larger dose to get faster results may adversely affect the body, whereas smaller dose to stay on the safe zone might not deliver the desired results.

So women, we are helping you out with the standard dose of creatine, however it is recommended to consult your physician and fitness expert before adhering to any routine.

Taking 5 grams of creatine per day is a perfect sweet spot. Many women reduced the dose to 3 grams per day, but that isn’t much effective as reported by themselves. In fact, the regular dosage of creatine may differ for men and women, depending on the type and intensity of the training activities. But the creatine powder for women is same as that for men.

Ladies, you can take creatine in cycles or without cycles depending on your and your expert’s conscience. If you prefer taking creatine in cycles, than 5 grams per day for 25 days, and a break for 5 days, than continuing the same cycle on and around is good. Otherwise, creatine can be taken without any breaks, i.e. it is just perfect to take creatine throughout.

If you have just started training, then you can also take the loading dose of creatine. The loading phase involves taking 20 grams of creatine per day for a week (can be split as 5 grams in each dose,  four times a day) to saturate the muscles. After a week (7 days) of loading, you can adhere the maintenance dose of 5 grams daily. If you are not loading creatine, the same results can be obtained in a bit longer period of about a month.

Now, if you are thinking that when should we take creatine, then the answer is simple. We can take creatine anytime in a day- say before workout, after workouts, or in between workouts. We can even mix the creatine with BCAA supplements and sip the shake within training sessions. And yes, the creatine can be taken with any solvent like water, milk, or any of your favourite fruit juice.

So, cheers for creatine!

Best Creatine for Women

Undoubtedly, the best creatine for women is creatine monohydrate. This nutrient is naturally found in fish and red meat. But increasing natural source of creatine in diet can also increase the calories and so the best alternative is to take creatine as supplement. For example, MFF Creatine Monohydrate Mesh 200, is one of the finest quality creatine monohydrate for women available today, which is made up of ultra small sized particles.

So women, gone are the days when color was a parameter to evaluate the beauty of a woman. Today, a woman is beautiful when she is fit and healthy. You can absolutely take the creatine supplement routine in your diet without any second thoughts. Plus, it has no side effects when taken in prescribed amount.

And, still if you have doubts pondering in your mind; don’t be shy!

Just drop in your queries in the comment below. We are always happy to discuss.

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