If the topic of discussion is muscle gain supplements, I am sure Creatine can’t be left out. Every person with the dream of body building and lean muscle gain in the shortest possible time makes sure to get the best supplements for muscle gain. Creatine is one thing which probably none of the body builders and weight lifters would miss out on.

What really is Creatine?

  • Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid synthesized mainly in the liver and kidney of vertebrates and used for the recycling of Adenosine Triphosphate in muscles and brain tissues. It is stored in the bones.

I am sure as beginners an unending list of questions torment our brains. Let me tell you about a few with which almost all the muscle gain and body building freaks out there can easily relate to-

  • What to mix Creatine with?
  • Creatine with milk-Should I try this combination?
  • Or would Creatine with water be a better pick?
  • Another one debates whether to use cold or warm water.

Those involved with body building like athletes or weight lifters or for that matter even well aware gym trainers know the importance of incorporating Creatine along with Whey Protein in your routine for enhanced lean muscle size and improved strength.

More importantly they understand the importance of the substance-whether milk or water or any other thing you use to mix it.

Before answering the above questions we need to have an insight of the different types of Creatine as the product it should be mixed with greatly depends upon the kind of Creatine.

Yes, I can relate to the dilemma you all must have faced while making a choice. The type of Creatine you choose does matter a lot and plays a very important role in deciding the time factor and the quality of results you should expect.

At My Fit Fuel, we have an entire article dedicated to helping you make the best possible choice. You can know in depth about the various types of Creatine at . I would still go on to briefly tell you about one of the most common and beneficial type of Creatine- Creatine Monohydrate.

  • Creatine Monohydrate: It is the original and most popularly used kind of Creatine. It is the one which is backed by maximum research but purity plays a vital role in it. It is bound with water so that the purity can be enhanced.

Although a lot of new Creatine products are hitting the market, this continues to be the most selling one despite it being less soluble in water.

In addition it follows the theory of “Cheaper the better”. So you can go for it without bothering your wallets much.

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Creatine with Milk or Water


After knowing the types of Creatine, you need to decide what to mix it with. Generally mixed with high sugar drinks to enable simple sugars to hike your insulin levels, for the bodybuilders and weightlifters who have a strict NO towards sugar, water and milk can be the better substitutes.

  • 5 grams of Creatine should be mixed with about 200-250 ml of water and consumed immediately followed by the intake of more water. This should be continued at the rate of four doses a day for four to five days after which the dose can be reduced to two or three per day.

Now the query that comes up more often than not is what should be the temperature of water. It is merely a myth that hot or warm water increase the absorbability of Creatine. The fact is that slightly warm water might result in Creatine being a bit more soluble especially in the case of Creatine Monohydrate but this barely has an effect on the absorbability.

Use of warm water might pay off in case of people who feel stomach discomfort after taking Creatine but generally the discomfort occurs only when the quality of the Creatine isn’t good enough. (A lot of people claim to use MFF Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh which never troubled their stomach although they usually have a tough time adjusting to supplements).

Creatine is taken by body builders along with Whey Protein which itself is a dietary supplement. So there is no harm in mixing Creatine with milk. As far as I found out after talking to some people who are into weight lifting and have a passion for body building, mixing Creatine with milk might increase its absorption on account of the natural sugar called lactose present in milk.

The least it will do is to provide no other benefit over water or other juices. The only caution is for people with lactose intolerance who might face stomach aches on taking Creatine with milk.

So guys I hope now you are clear in your head regarding a lot of basic but important points about Creatine. The decision ofcourse is yours about which Creatine to pick and for that matter how to take it and what to mix it with.

But if you go by my opinion, Creatine Monohydrate is the best of all. I feel that somewhere you people follow the same line of thought which has resulted in it being the most sought after form of Creatine.

This gives you amazing results with about 80% of users agreeing to this fact. To increase absorption in body the molecule size should be as small as possible which is very well justified in MFF Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh.

  • The cheapest among all forms of Creatines, it is undoubtedly the best also.
  • It has ultra-small particle size of 200 mesh grade with quick results in terms of enhancing lean muscle growth and maximizing strength and power.
  • Backed by Certificate of Analysis, the reasonable price nowhere compromises with the quality.

I doubt if any confusion is left in your minds now. Who doesn’t want the best quality at the least price? This is where you get rewarded for every single buck you pay for your muscle gain and improved strength. I am sure a shot at this won’t make you regret any day, so why not go ahead and give it a try?

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