If you desired to get ripped abs then you must have to follow a special diet. Hitting a gym is easy, and so is your preparation to gruel it out for hours. The most difficult part in my opinion is to change your diet, or to say, change your eating habits and then maintaining it.

You can continue to eat plenty of proteins, plan small meals, have good fat and still, be mindful ofthe calories. The bottom line is, you need a fit diet plan for getting ripped which matches your daily gym-effort aka gym biology.

A nutritious diet is important to lose your body fat and retain muscle mass, if you are on your way to get a sculpted physique.

Nutrition Workout for Cutting Diet

I will try and help you superscribe your nutrition intake in a given day. This is strictly meant for use during cutting cycle only.

Carbohydrate Intake

Make a wise choice between starchy and non-starchy sources of carbs. Complex or starchy ones are slow-releasing carbs inside your body, and therefore, timing is important here. Have it post your morning workout for energy replenishment during the day.

An important tip here is to take carbs in the mornings. The best time to consume it, during the cutting diet cycle is pre and post workouts. A pre-workout dose can be planned with carb-rich food.

It is good to take a carb shake after a workout. It is easier to digest, and works faster, spiking your insulin level almost instantly. Make a shake at home using a supplement such as MFF Dextrose Monohydrate, a fast energy release source carbohydrate supplement.

You can even pair it with your protein shake (discussed below), and feed your body for quick energy replenishment. For best results, have the shake within half an hour after you finish exercising.

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Protein Intake

It is an essential nutrient for abs builder and should be consumed adequately. Undernourished protein body, can affect your performance, as your muscles will begin to wear and tear fast.

There are still few of us, who would prefer a high protein diet, as we tend to get calorie-conscious during high workout periods. However, this is not right. Protein is necessary, but so are other nutrients to complete your balanced diet.

There is really no best time to have proteins if you ask me. It is by far, the most friendly nutrition source, which is light on your stomach and also, works to benefit your body.

A small piece of advice is to have a whey protein shake post workout. Take in consideration a good supplement like MFF Whey Protein 100. If you mix two scoops of whey powder with soy milk, Greek yoghurt, fruit or veggies of your choice, you are ready to serve yourself with rich nutrition fluid.

Whey protein 100 has a benefit of 28 gram of pure protein with 5.7 gram of BCAA and 5.4 gram of Glutamine per 32 gram of serve, to help your rejuvenate your muscles and body quickly.

Another protein powder which can be added to your shake recipe is, MFF Calcium Caseinate 90. As you must be aware, Caseinate releases protein slowly in your blood stream, and continues to work in your body, for almost the whole day.

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Good fat or healthy fat is an essential part of wholesome food. It is important to maintain strong immunity, and to keep a check on vital body organs. Some people tend to overlap carbs and fat, like use one for another, which is not right.

Fat should be consumed later in the day along with proteins. It is necessary to fuel your body with energy with carbs and fat, both, else you are at risk of energy depletion and later, stored fat (bulk in body) and muscle drop.

Have you tried the MFF Lean Muscle Mass bundle yet? It is a perfect combination of MFF Whey Protein 80™, Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh and Pure Glutamine which helps in quick post-workout recovery, and increases muscle strength and mass.


Wake-up to Bodybuilding Cutting Food everyday

Cutting diet plan is as much about meal timing as it is about including balanced diet. Cutting up diets has to be planned in detail, like what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat.

When to eat

This part of your cutting diet has different aspects for me. You will have to plan your meals including your pre and post workout supplement schedule, eating right portions in the morning and also, monitoring your small meals to feed your body with enough nutrition. All of this has to be carefully seen through to follow an effective cutting cycle diet.

Your Cutting Diet Meal Plan

Meal 1

  • Half bowl of oats. You can dress up with strawberries/banana if you like.
  • Have 1 banana or one small bowl of strawberries/grapes.
  • If not oatmeal, replace it with spinach or veggies.
  • Have at least 5 egg whites cooked with 1-2 portions of yolks.

The idea is to have lot of protein and one healthy carbohydrate.

Meal 2

  • One portion of green vegetables/lettuce
  • 250 grams of chicken breast/grilled tofu/sardines

Meal 3

This is your lunch and should be full of proteins with a dash of measured carbs.

  • Tuna/chicken sandwich or wheat bread (2 slice) or one bowl of brown rice
  • Green salad/veggies /1 can tuna
  • Half cup of kidney beans/lean steak/1-2 slice of lean meat

Meal 4

You can have a pre-work out shake to fill yourself for workouts at this time. Your best supplement is Whey Protein. Since you now require a diet to support your muscle building, you can even mix whey and BCAA to prepare a smoothie. For supplements, BCAA is good to be taken around workouts.

To make a Whey and BCAA smoothie, here is your recipe:

  • Take 2-3 scoops of BCAA powder.
  • Add 2 scoops of Whey powder.
  • Mix in coconut milk or Greek Yoghurt.
  • Add fruit flavours of your choice, it can be orange or banana for example.

Your single dose of BCAA at any time should be 5-10 grams. Depending upon your workout regime, you can decide your BCAA daily dosage. On an average, any individual doing an intense workout, need at least 4-5 serves a day (of about 3-5 gm per serve).

Go for the right ratio of BCAA content like the MFF BCAA 5000 for men, as it provides the ideal mix of Leucine (2500 mg), Iso-Leucine (1250 mg) and Valine (1250 mg) on 5 gram of single serve.

Similarly, you have an effective choice of Whey supplement with MFF Whey Protein 70. It has 20 grams of high protein granules in single serve.

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Gainer VS Whey Muscle

Meal 5

  • 1 bowl broccoli/1-2 cup veggies/ 1 big bowl of salad
  • 2 piece fish

Meal 6 (before bed)

Post the workouts, carbs requirement can be met by taking carbs and protein mix together. It is a recovery shake, containing 50 grams of starchy carbs and 25 grams protein. It is recommended for morning workouts only.

Creatine and Glutamine, both are effective post workout supplement to help you retain muscle mass. Glutamine also improves muscle protein synthesis.

I recommend MFF Pure Glutamine which instantly spikes your stooping glycogen level after a grueling workout session. It assists in faster muscle recovery and accelerates muscle tissue growth.

What to eat

You can eat these superfoods or look for substitutes for some of them.

Carbs: Brown rice, boiled potatoes, oatmeal, whole-wheat grains or pastas, brown bread, cereals.

Protein: Egg whites, whole eggs (occasionally), fish, chicken breast, soy milk protein shake.

Fruits/Vegetables: Fruits, fibrous vegetables, beans.

Healthy Fats: Fish oil, extra virgin coconut or olive oil, avocados, nuts, flaxseed, brown eggs,

How much to eat

There is no standard definition here. Yet, we have to set certain rules in the beginning.

One advice is not to cut calories drastically. If you do so, you are likely to upset your metabolism and another reason is, if your lose weight too fast, after a point your body will stop shedding calories, as your metabolic rate drops drastically.

Ideally, the carbs and protein ratio can be the same, and fat consumption should be around 80 gram. If you are skinny, then allow yourself more room for calorie consumption. Stuff your body with slightly higher dose of carbs than protein, and let the fat portion remain where it is.


You can alter your way, as the thumb rule is to consume starchy carbs and calculated portion of fats, before and after workouts. If you don’t have a heavy-duty day at the gym, please do yourself a favor, by consuming less starchy carbs. You can still eat a high portion of fats instead.

Don’t binge on your favorite food, saying one day is okay for more fats and ill sweat it out in the gym. Cheat diet is also spaced in your cutting diet chart but let’s stick to reviewing your existing plan. In the end, we can’t guide you on how to cheat your diet; you know it better, right?

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