“Exercising without eating the proper foods is like ploughing a field and not putting any seed into the ground”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

That’s certainly a vital knowledge that most of the beginners and even intermediates tend to neglect during the course of the time. Nutrition is, in fact, the most important building block of bodybuilding. And when we talk about Nutrition, we talk about everything including diet, vitamins, minerals, protein and supplements.

No matter whether its bodybuilding or real life, Arnold has been a role model for people since decades and still continues to inspire many lives. You can, of course, train like him but if you really want to grow like him you need to eat like him. Arnold’s diet is what we are talking about here.

Right from the beginning, Arnold understood and capitalized on the importance of Protein for muscle growth. He believed that for every pound of bodyweight, he needed one gram of protein and that is clearly evident from his diet. To fulfil his daily need of protein, Arnold also included protein shakes to his meals. “I would have protein drinks two times a day so that I can achieve 250 grams of protein intake,” says Arnold.

Along with high protein, Arnold’s diet also incorporated good fats obtained from nuts and veggies. Here’s how the Austrian Oak ate –

Meal #1 – Arnold would start off his day with 3-4 Whole eggs, 2 pieces of Bacon, Small bowl of cooked oatmeal or fruits like avocado.

Meal #2 – As mentioned earlier Arnold’s diet was jam packed with protein and good fats. For his second meal, the Governor would go for grilled fish or red Meat, 1 medium size cup of vegetables, handful of mixed nuts and 1-2 sweet potatoes.

Meal #3 – For the third meal, Arnold would switch on to lean meat for his protein intake. Along with lean meat, he would include 2 cups brown rice and 1-2 cups vegetables.

Meal #4 – In his fourth meal, Austrian Oak would prefer cottage cheese and handful of Almonds, Walnuts or Cashews for some good fats and lots of protein.

And it’s not over; Arnold’s diet was certainly incomplete without protein shakes. And, in fact, Arnold would stack on to protein shakes a couple of times in a day to meet the daily amount of protein consumption.

Nutrition tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • 5-6 small meals a day
  • Carbohydrates after 30 minutes post workout
  • Take due rest for maximizing muscle growth
  • Don’t shy away from good fats
  • Go for chicken and fish instead of beef and pork
  • Include protein shakes in your diet

 And now you know what it takes to be ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

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