As the most present amino acid in human’s body, glutamine can be found almost everywhere, from muscle tissue to plasma and meat produce you eat. Let’s explain it this way, if a human body was a luxurious resort for supplements, you would be able to see glutamine everywhere from the tennis court to the outside pool. It is really important and has a wide range of benefits on a human body and bodily processes.

In case you’re a newbie to this supplement, there’s no need to worry. We gathered all the data about glutamine dosage so read on.

When to Take Glutamine

In case you’re wondering (and we’re pretty sure you are) when to take glutamine or when is the best time to take glutamine, we would recommend taking glutamine supplements right after you wake up, 30 minutes pre and after workouts and right before you go to bet. It works best when used at these times because this is the time that you can have the best effect on your muscle mass and strength.

We don’t recommend taking glutamine at the same time as you take a creatine supplement as they are competitive supps that will make your body a battlefield when it comes to absorption. To get the best results you should reduce your glutamine intake immediately when you wake up and right before you go to bed. This way you will wake up the growth hormone to raise its levels more significantly.

Best Time to take Glutamine: Right before and after an exercise session

If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, we suggest you consult your family doctor before taking this supplement as diabetics metabolize glutamine supps abnormally faster than people who are not diagnosed with diabetes.


How to Take Glutamine

Now coming to your another question, How to take glutamine? You can either take glutamine through supplements or through food. Human body generally consumes the major part of its glutamine dosage by daily intake of food and making the substance itself. Nevertheless, when you’re under big stress or suffer from any kind of infection or injury, your body maybe won’t be able to produce enough glutamine. When this is the case this is when your body need additional glutamine dosage.

You can get your dosage intake by adding supplements to your diet or by increasing intake of products that are rich in glutamine. Glutamine can be found in foods rich in proteins such as meat, beans, fish and dairy. It can also be found in veggies such as cabbage, parsley or spinach.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to take glutamine supplements appropriately. There are some rules that you strictly need to follow. Glutamine supps can be taken without or with meals, but keep in mind not to combine it with hot meals or drinks. The reason why we suggest this is because glutamine is known as amino acid, which substance can be changed due to the temperature change. Therefore, it should be taken with room temperature or cold drinks.

When it comes to powder, glutamine can be combined with juice that is low in acidities such as carrot juice or apple or water. Consuming glutamine supplements with juices that are acidic such as grapefruit or orange juice you can get glutamine with diminished benefits.

How much Glutamine to Take Per Day


Researchers discovered that the daily intake of glutamine supplements needs to be high in order to increase plasma glutamine concentrations and recommended glutamine dosage is around 20 to 30 grams per day. It works best when consumed frequently (on a daily basis). Let’s look at it this way, critically ill patients receive 50 to 60 grams of glutamine on a daily basis through intravenous infusion, so why would doctors treat heavily ill patients if that doesn’t work. It works!

We would suggest that you to take 30 grams of glutamine dosage per day divided into two to three doses throughout the day, with snacks or meals that contain carbs in order to support utilization of glucose.

On workout days we recommend you take glutamine supplements before or during workouts in order to keep your body hydrated. Ideally, you can take 10 grams of supps before the workout, 10 grams during the workout and 10 grams after your exercise. If you’re a newbie to this supplement, feel free to reduce the dosage to 5 grams in short intervals (every two to three hours).

How much Glutamine to Take After Workout

When it comes to how much glutamine you should take after workout, we would suggest no more than 20 grams per day, if divided through the day (let’s say 3 times a day) than your portion of glutamine should be around 5 – 7 grams.

Glutamine pills are fairly large and a bit more expensive than powder. Although a bit tasteless, it can be blended with non-acidic juices and water to get a better taste. You should mix three 5 grams of glutamine powder, such as this pure micronized glutamine with water and consume it after 30 – 60 minutes after workout.

Glutamine Dosage for Muscle Recovery


It’s important that you understand the main role that glutamine plays in body and muscle recovery after a hard workout session. In order to build your muscles, it’s utmost importance that you maintain your nitrogen balance positive. After a hard exercise session, rushing nitrogen stimulates repair of your muscle tissue. If your body lacks glutamine, the damaged muscle tissue may stay damaged as it does not have all the necessary materials and substances to rebuild. For experienced athletes and bodybuilders, glutamine will help boost their body’s immune system after long and hard events such as marathon or bodybuilding contest.

Glutamine Dosage for Weight Loss

If you take high-protein food and glutamine, you might be experiencing some weight loss benefits. Although very few studies have been done on glutamine dosage for weight loss it is suggested to take around 20 grams of glutamine supplement for a 150-pound woman. Although some suggest that 50 to 60 grams per day is perfectly harmful, keep in mind that this is the dosage that is usually been given to hospital patients, not healthy people trying to lose some weight.

Glutamine Dosage for Bodybuilders

It is recommended that bodybuilders intake up to 10 to 15 grams of glutamine per day at least two or three times during the day with each serving around three to five grams of glutamine. Keep in mind that you may already be taking some glutamine through your food or supplements you are taking so carefully read labels before taking.

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