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Glutamine vs L-Glutamine: What’s the Difference

Glutamine and L-Glutamine are often used interchangeably. Glutamine is a high-powered supplement to speed up your fitness goals. It is an important amino acid, used by bodybuilders and athletes all over the globe.

But, in theory, they are two different supplements. You may notice the difference in labelling. Sometimes it is Glutamine and other time, it has L prefixed to it. Glutamine or l glutamine, how does it matter? We provide you with answers by digging into the facts of Glutamine powder today.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is a existing amino acid in our body. It is also the most abundant amino acid present in the human body. It is a conditionally essential amino acid,. It means an ill or stressed person may not be able to produce Glutamine on own.

Glutamine production happens in the muscles. It is then transported to other body organs through the blood stream. Glutamine provides nitrogen and carbon supply to the living cells of the body.

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Why you need Glutamine supplements?

You need glutamine for maintaining a healthy gut and immune function. It provides 1/3rd Nitrogen for muscle growth.

If your body exhausts more glutamine than it produces, muscle wasting is likely to occur. You need supplements to boost production at the time of strenuous exercises.

Is l glutamine the same as glutamine? Before we decide glutamine or l glutamine, we talk about the L in glutamine, meaning we note the difference between Glutamine and l-glutamine a bit closely.  

What is L-Glutamine?

Let me first introduce you to a new term—D-glutamine. It is nothing but glutamine only. Yet, till now you have been reading about glutamine or l glutamine, which you thought are the same. So, how does D-glutamine now fit into the whole thing?

Let me not confuse you further. D-glutamine is nothing but glutamine only. Actually, l glutamine and glutamine have a different chemical sequence. They have a different arrangement of atoms in their amino acid component.

Scientific research further described them to be mirror images of each other. By that I mean, l glutamine and glutamine are mirror copies of each other. This is how the L and D have associate with glutamine. L is for the left side and D the Dexter.

What is the Difference between Glutamine and L-Glutamine?


But why the l-glutamine vs. glutamine debate, or is it just confusion? Like mentioned above, the L stands for left or Levo and D for Dexter or right. Both appear to be the same, doing the same body functions, but they are not chemically identical.

It also means that one may be chemically active in your body, and the other may not be, at a given point of time. Then, how do we decide to choose between glutamine and l glutamine in a day?

The answer to this question is quite simple. It is l glutamine which is active in your body most of the times. And this is the reason why most of the glutamine supplements you buy are l glutamine only.

Glutamine or L-Glutamine: Which is Better?

The supplement you choose to buy will not specify L or D on it. It has only glutamine label on it. It is still l glutamine only which is the main ingredient in the glutamine powder. So, they continue labelling as interchangeable terms.

The L version is the predominant one, found in plenty in proteins inside your muscles. It is also sourced from your diet. D-glutamine, so, performs rare body functions to benefit your cell walls or neurotransmitters.

D–glutamine does not stimulate metabolism. In other words, your body does not metabolise D-glutamine. It is only L-glutamine which metabolises in your body.

Glutamine or L-Glutamine: How to Source it?

Now you know the difference between glutamine and l glutamine, the next step is to buy the supplement.

Labels don’t mention any difference. So, how do you know which Glutamine powder is genuine? We recommend buying pure glutamine supplements like the MFF Pure Glutamine [Micronized]. It has the following benefits:

  • Gain muscle strength.
  • Prevents muscle breakdown and improved endurance.
  • Accelerates protein synthesis in body.

The product guarantees 100% quality. It carries Certificate of Analysis by an independent authority. This means it meets best manufacturing standard of Glutamine products.

Another important point is to buy it from the right place. MFF Pure Glutamine is available online on

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