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Glycine Supplementation Benefits for Bodybuilding

Glycine is a non-essential or conditional amino acid which is produced by our body in sufficient quantities except when we need to depend on it for building muscles.

Yes, the glycine supplement has several benefits for a bodybuilder, so much so that it makes for our preferred topic of discussion today.

I can bet, after knowing this supplement in detail, you may want to make it a part of your gym routine diet almost instantly. Without keeping you in further suspense, we now begin to the list the glycine supplement benefits… and so on.

1. Channelizes Muscle Protein Synthesis

It is an amino acid, which is very much like other amino, helps in producing protein. However, it still has its own line of benefits as far as building protein in the muscles is concerned. It helps during the muscle growth and development; therefore, it is a perfect bodybuilding supplement.

  1. Glycine increases creatine levels in the muscles.
  2. Glycine is a transporter of essential nutrients to the muscle tissues.
  3. Glycine regulates fat metabolism in the muscles and thus assists in controlling the energy expenditure.
  4. Glycine also enhances the bio-function of Leucine in the muscles.

All the above-specified points highlight the role of glycine supplement as a useful gym resource on its own. Besides, this one is a dependable input for enhancing the activity of two most important other amino acids- creatine and leucine. So, in a way, it makes glycine seem irresistible to use along with other workout supplements.

2. Promotes Muscle Recovery


It is a perfect post-workout supplement since it aids muscle recovery and pins down muscle loss. It works specifically well at the time of cutting.

Since glycine helps in creating an increased creatine-effect, it is natural for us to list its attached benefits like improved muscle energy, muscle cells renewal, and its assistance in muscle growth and muscle recovery.

3. Promotes Good Sleep

The extra glycine (through supplementation) is enough to give you a restful sleep. It tremendously improves your sleep quality. Since glycine is a natural supplement with no side-effects, it is good to depend on this suitable source of good sleep.

We all know how a good sleep can promote fitness. It reduces fatigue, conserved energy and gives us further mental and physical energy to keep in time with our exercising schedule. In this way, glycine can be consumed, one-hour before going to bed.

4) Good for Your Gut

Glycine is a crucial component of collagen (one of the most abundant proteins in the human body). Since it aids in the production of collagen in the gut lining, it prevents you from inflammation in the gut.

That brings us to another very valuable property of glycine. This amino acid is usually needed to deal with inflammation. Only if there is more than a sufficient amount of glycine in your body, can your internal system combat inflammation strongly. If you are often experiencing pain or aches, it is a clear indication that you may be glycine deficient.

It helps regulate inflammation through its interlink with collagen. Glycine supplementation ensures that you have a good amount of this amino acid in your body, which may otherwise be lacking in your bodybuilding diet during the different phases of muscle training.

5) Glycine Improves Muscle Anabolism

It does so in two ways. First, glycine consumption improves protein synthesis manifold which means that through glycine there is more bio-value of protein in your body. Which means you need less overall protein consumption. It also improves the protein-related bodily functions.

Second, a protein degradation happens due to oxidative stress and damage by free radicals. Glycine helps in building glutathione, an important antioxidant. Thus, it reduces oxidative stress and brings down the level of oxidative damage.

In the end!

My only advice is to introduce this wonder supplement in your gym diet on priority. Of course, like any supplement you need to monitor its dosage on a regular basis. You can take glycine up to 3 grams in a day.

In addition, I recommend taking glycine with creatine or carbohydrates since it improves absorption of protein and carbohydrates. At the same time, it is an amino acid which helps in fat burning. Have glycine as a post-workout supplement or take it during the workout to maximise its natural potential.

The result you know now!

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