Planning to lose weight is no easy task. This is the reason why we consciously search for best foods or supplements to keep us fit and reduce our calorie count or something which helps us shed body fat.

Yet, it always doesn’t work the perfect way, like the way we want to follow a lean diet and get a lean physique as a result.

We continue consuming carbs even when it means following an all protein diet, right! My only purpose to pick up the topic of green coffee bean for weight loss is to help you deal with body fat, the sugar level in the body, and consuming carbs etc.

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It is likely you are familiar with green coffee bean extract for weight loss but if you wish to need more on it, to know the important details, read on.

Today, we understand associated factors spanning details on how to take green coffee bean extract for healthy weight loss or the recommended green coffee bean dosage, with the list of supplements you already use.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee beans are the base of an ordinary, the black coffee drinker. The difference between the two is, however, significant. Unlike for black coffee, the coffee beans are not roasted to prepare green coffee extracts. Instead, the original coffee seeds (which appear green in colour) are first boiled, soaked and then, strained and concentrated for extracting the green coffee bean.

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Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract?


Talking about its benefits including the advantage of green coffee beans for weight loss, the unroasted green bean extracts contain an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid. It is an active ingredient of green coffee beans and is said to stimulate weight loss.

This, by far, is the biggest benefit of green coffee bean extracts because it clearly distinguishes the green and the black coffee from each other. The roasted coffee beans or the black coffee has the aroma and flavour but lacks this natural substance (chlorogenic acid).

Among its many benefits, green coffee helps instigate weight loss; reduction of BMI; lower cholesterol; lowers blood pressure; maintains blood vessels in healthy condition, keeping your heart healthy and keep the liver in a good condition as well.


Is Green Coffee Bean good for Weight Loss?

Since we are focusing on a supplement like green coffee bean, it is important to understand, if and how green beans work for weight loss.

Like I mentioned earlier, green coffee has the natural substance, chlorogenic acid, which it retains in abundance. This one ingredient in green bean coffee is an active agent for weight loss and works in different ways to help you reduce weight.

  1. It regulates your blood sugar levels, as it blocks fat accumulation and reduces the sugar absorption in your body from the carbs you consume. Chlorogenic acid has fat oxidation properties which break down the sugar complex and release it as active energy instead. Green beans extract for weight loss, work in a manner of reducing carbohydrate intake effect in the body, through an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase. In simple terms, it activates the enzyme to break down the glycogen we consume and thus, regulate your glucose level.
  2. Chlorogenic acid activates the PPAR-gene which in turn impacts peroxisomes, an enzyme for lipid metabolism. PPAR-gene is a protein coding gene or your DNA sequence which releases amino acids to build protein in the body. To put in exact perspective, chlorogenic acid is said to promote fat metabolism and lower the new fat cell’s formation inside the body.
  3. Chlorogenic acid improves the body metabolism by 3-11%. Sipping green coffee beans also means you are consuming a low carb beverage, another reason how green beans coffee aids weight loss.
  4. Green coffee bean finds a base in the fat burning hormone called adiponectin, a protein hormone, which regulates all important metabolic process inside the body. It secretes from body fat, by monitoring the glucose level, metabolism, fatty acids and the calories we consume. For bodybuilders, green coffee beans powder contains adiponectin which converts carbs into expendable energy and accelerates your fat loss body regime. An extra help is an adiponectin ability to suppress your appetite.

How to take Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss?

If you don’t like ordinary coffee, you may still like the green bean coffee extract as it has nothing of the black coffee taste or smell.

A good green bean supplement like green coffee bean powder needs 50 percent chlorogenic acid and can be measured by the weight by a look at the ingredient specified on the pack.

Ideally, chlorogenic acid weight should be between 200-300 mg, so you need to buy a green coffee bean powder weighing the double, 300 mg chlorogenic acid in at least 600 mg of green coffee bean extract.

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Green Coffee Bean Dosage for Weight Loss

The standard measurement of chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract is around 50% only. It also has lower caffeine content. Your recommended green coffee bean dosage is 200 mg of Chlorogenic acid in a day, which means you can take 400 mg of green coffee brew per day.

You can have 1 cup before every meal or after a meal. After food is good because it reduces your absorption of fat and before meal, it helps suppress your appetite. The green coffee powder can be mixed with hot water and you can add herbs for taste.

Green coffee bean dosage is 3-4 cups in a day, before or after the meal.


Green coffee is the only ingredient you need, so avoid looking for the fancy packs which have more ingredients to entice you for weight loss; it really is not worth the money. Always check the label of the pack you buy to know its ingredients and nutritional value.

Don’t add sugar or milk to it as it will not aid your weight loss plan at all because it impacts your protein consumption. Besides, strict to a routine or to the recommended dose because green beans mean caffeine consumption, an overdose of which can cause discomfort or digestive disorders.

Use it wisely to real maximum benefits from green coffee bean for achieving your weight loss goals.

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