Green Tea is known from decades to help lose weight and promote metabolism but with new research green Tea also help to stimulate the production of growth hormone.

Green Tea increases the production of HGH (human growth hormone), which speeds up muscle building and promotes muscle mass. Also, HGH decreases the fat proportion in the body and thus improves the overall health. Additionally, increases the level of HGH is associated with improved physical and mental performance and is also responsible for better mood. Hypophysis produces the Human growth hormone and its production slows down with age.

As bodybuilders are at tremendous stress due to intense workouts and muscle tearing during workouts, green tea works as an excellent anti-oxidant which helps to preserve muscle cell and as well as help to regenerate the tear muscle cells. During a lean out phase green tea of great assist. As green tea is rich in antioxidants known as catechins they have an effective thermogenic or fat-burning effect. Theanine (a naturally occurring chemical) present in green tea is an amino acid which helps in relaxation and concentration and increases the time duration of a workout.

Besides all the benefits which a workout provides, it usually leads to oxidative stress in the body which has a damaging effect to the muscle cells and tissues. However drinking green tea help to counteract that as it contains polyphenols which diminish the effect of the most damaging lipid hydroperoxide formed in the blood before and after exercise. Drinking green tea also raises the level of a protein called glutathione post exercise, which helps protect the body from oxidative stress caused by damage from free radicals.

To get more strength for your workout, it’s beneficial to drink green tea before workout. It also helps to cope you up mentally and physically with the exercise stress. Antioxidants present in green tea also help to increase the rate of recovery and also boost your metabolism so as to help you burn fatter. Also, there are really no negative side effects of drinking tea and the benefits are massive.

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