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Munch Your Way To Weight Loss: Best Snacks to Burn Fat


While everyone is working out to lose that stubborn fat, seldom do we concentrate on eating healthy food that would help us to burn that fat faster. Yes, you read it right. The right kind of food does help us to burn fat and keep it off too! Almost everyone exercising does know the benefits of eating three nutritious meals but rarely do we pay attention to our mid-meal snacks. Apart from having three main meals of the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is equally essential to have healthy low calorie snacks as mid-meal snacks.

Gone are the days when every meal was looked with speculation over protein, carbohydrate and fat content. With new researches by food scientists and nutritionists surfacing, the food that we consume now has to be more nutritious rather than being guided just by the above three factors. Foods that were once touted as the best low fat snacks are now being considered redundant simply because of the new findings that healthy fats help burning more fat. If you are working out almost every day of the week and yet to find that scale moving to your desired weight goal, here is the list of healthy Indian snacks for weight loss that you can prepare in jiffy as well as carry along with you without any fuss.

9 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss:

1) Apple

Mid-mornings are one time when the breakfast has long been digested and the lunch seems far away. Without proper snacks in hand, the body often signals the mind to crave for unhealthy snacks such as chocolates, biscuits and more. Apples are one of the healthy snacks for weight loss that can be picked up wherever you are. They are an essential source of potassium, minerals and vitamins. Apart from their water content, their natural sugar content gives you the right amount of fructose rush without giving you empty calories.

2) Almonds


Almonds is the next super food in everyone’s must-have list, especially for those looking for healthy evening snacks for weight loss. As mentioned before, almonds provide the best kind of healthy fats that are important for gradual and healthy weight loss. Their natural fat content makes them an ideal evening snack between the 4-6 pm periods when the hunger pangs tend to drive you to the chips packet. Straight from the Earth, almonds are one snack you cannot go wrong with- be the vegetarians, Paleo or keto followers. A handful of almonds can leave you feeling full until the dinnertime, thanks to its healthy fat and protein content.

3) Pulses

Pulses form an important part of an Indian diet. Be it in the form of dal or a pancake, pulses are rich in vitamins and many minerals. Consider having moong dal pancakes or dhoklas for your in-between meal snacks. Dieticians often recommend moon dal and masoor dal as one of the important snacks for weight loss due to its nutrient dense nature that keeps you feeling full for longer, without piling on empty calories. The daal is also good for digestion and immune system, thus protecting you from many diseases.

4) Spinach


Spinach is a healthy source of fibre, anti-oxidants, water, minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron as well as vitamins such as K and A. With very less calorie content, this vegetable curbs food cravings and make you feel full for longer. Being a good source of fibre, it also aid in curing constipation and cleansing the digestive tract. Include a bowl of sautéed spinach with groundnuts for your snack time.

5) Legumes

Legumes have emerged as a super food that is ideal to burn fat, though they have been a common citing in the Indian kitchen since ages. Peas, black and red kidney beans, soya beans, chickpeas etc. are rich sources of folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, thiamine, zinc, riboflavin and Vitamin B6, to name but a few. Their high fibre content is best suited to make you feel full in a considerable small amount while also being good for relieving constipation. In fact, soya bean for one contains the highest amount of plant protein and is easily compared with animal protein. Hence, it is often touted as the super protein food for vegetarians. Myriad snack options can be prepared from legumes such as baked soya bean cutlets, chickpea hummus, beans soup etc. to answer your snack craving. These are one of the best foods to burn fat.

6) Cheese


Those who are a fan of dairy products such as cheese, here is good news. Dairy products like cheese contain a package of nutrient, thus being highly nutritious foods for every individual, more specifically as weight loss foods. Consuming enough dairy product such as cheese can reduce the risk of diabetes, lowers blood pressure and helps maintaining healthy weight. Apart from being affordable and easily available, cheese is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium. If you are out on the roll and do not have time to grab a snack, just pick up a cube of cheese and voila! You are full for the next hour without have the guilt of eating calorie-laden food.

7) Yogurt

Yogurt or simply cud is rich in good gut bacteria that helps you ward off many diseases with just 1-2 bowls a day. Have it like buttermilk or just as homemade curd, the benefits are numerous.

8) Eggs


Eggs have been the most common weight loss food gym goers swear by. With their good protein and fat content, they are an ideal mid-meal snack in any form-boiled, poached or baked. Have them whenever and wherever you want, with just a dash of pepper and salt.

9) Seeds

Seeds such as sunflower seeds, melon seeds, roasted flax seeds, lotus seeds are a great snacking option to keep you full in between meals. Not only they contain healthy and natural fat that gets digested easily, they are easy to carry anywhere you go.

Thus, snacks for weight loss need not be boring if you have these many options at your hand.


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